Roman Reigns Unhappy as Big E and Finn Balor Pick Huge Win Over The Usos on WWE SmackDown

Published 09/17/2021, 8:48 PM EDT

Roman Reigns, The Universal Champion, kicked off WWE SmackDown: September 17th, 2021, along with The Usos, and Paul Heyman. This show marked the 380th day of him being the champion.


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The Head of the Table entered the ring while the crowd erupted in a series of boos and cheers. He took the mic and asked the audience to acknowledge him. And, asked Heyman to educate them.

“Acknowledge me. Educate these people on how to properly acknowledge me.”


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Paul Heyman explained to the audience exactly why Reigns is at the very top, it’s because he fears no one.

“The tribal chief fears no man, no beast, no demon. But they all fear Roman Reigns.”

Heyman continued to explain that Reigns defends the title every second of every. The only reason Balor tapped into his inner demon for Extreme Rules is because Balor fears Reigns. Additionally, he’s known Lesnar for over twenty years, and last week was the first time he saw fear in Lesnar’s eyes.


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Paul Heyman’s introduction to The Legacy of Roman Reigns stopped midway

The WWE Champion Big E interrupted Heyman. He ran around the ring, and then entered, title in hand. The Tribal Chief was not pleased. Next, Finn Balor came out as The Prince.

Finn Balor and Big E formed a tag team and took on SmackDown tag team champions, The Usos.

The WWE Champion and The Prince dominated The Usos. E took the first attempt to pinning Jey Uso, but he kicked out. The dominance reversed after The Usos overpowered E.

The fight between E and The Usos went back and forth until Balor was tapped in. He attacked Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso upon entering the ring, but couldn’t keep it up for long. The Usos worked together, as one pulled him out ringside by the feet while the other took a leap over the ropes to take him down.

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The match took an interesting turn when Big E and Jey Uso entered the ring as Balor and Jimmy tapped them in at the same time. The WWE Champion and Jey Uso took a series of brutal shots at each other. As E displayed the Power of Positivity, Jey Uso showed the power of his kicks.

Ultimately, Big E pinned Jimmy Uso for the victory.

The Tribal Chief wasn’t happy with The Usos and Paul Heyman following the loss

Roman Reigns watched the match from his locker room, and was visibly frustrated with The Usos losing. This is when he asked Heyman a series of questions revealing where his frustration with Heyman was.

“Is there something you want to tell me? Are you sure there’s nothing I need to know? How about we pretend that I do know something?”


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Of course, Reigns was indicating Heyman knew about Lesnar turning up for SummerSlam 2021.


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Heyman explained that the only reason The Beast is making up a fake scenario by saying Heyman knew about him coming is because The Beast fears The Tribal Chief.

The segment ended with Roman Reigns telling Heyman he’s paying him to know everything in advance, and he needs to come up with answer for if Lesnar will show up at Extreme Rules or not.



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