Roman Reigns debuted in Hollywood in 2019 with the film Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. He landed a role alongside his Samoan cousin, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, in the movie. The following year, he was also spotted in The Wrong Missy. Since then, fans haven’t been able to watch The Tribal Chief on the silver screen. The former Universal Champion is now returning to Hollywood after his major title loss at WrestleMania XL.

The movie in question is still under production. So, not much is revealed about the film yet. However, if you wish to recover whatever piece of information has been revealed till now, then you are in for a treat.

Roman Reigns lands another big Hollywood project


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The first big Hollywood project was The Tribal Chief’s role as Hobbs’ cousin in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw. Both Samoan cousins had a relationship similar to what they share in real life. Since the 2019 film, Reigns didn’t land another big role in Hollywood until the one that he is currently allegedly working for.

A few days after his WrestleMania XL loss, Keke Palmer uploaded a story on her Snapchat showing Roman Reigns sitting on a stylish throne in front of a broken bank vault with beautiful ladies surrounding him. While there was a rumor that it could be a sneak peek at his new gimmick in WWE, it turned out to be an upcoming film that Reigns is supposedly a part of.

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The upcoming film’s name is Good Fortune. Joe Anoa’i will be a part of the project, possibly coming late 2024. The cast will also include Keanu Reeves, Keke Palmer, Seth Rogen, and comedian Aziz Ansari, set to make his directorial debut. Metro confirmed Roman Reigns’ presence in another heist film called The Pickup. While not much is known about the same, Keke Palmer and Eddie Murphy are reportedly acting alongside him.

According to the sources, the Good Fortune will tell the story of Gabriel (Keanu Reeves) a guardian angel, while Ansari’s character is burdened with taking on the odd jobs of Jeff (Seth Rogen). On the other hand, The Pickup most probably hasn’t entered production yet, hence lacking any plot sneak peeks. Roman Reigns’ role is unknown at the moment in both projects, but judging by the picture that Keke Palmer uploaded, we can expect him to play an impactful character in either of the films.


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There is another surprising news for the WWE legend’s fans.

Roman Reigns’ arch-nemesis also joins Hollywood

Cody Rhodes didn’t have enough of competing against Roman Reigns. As a result, he will be joining Hollywood, hitching on to a big project. The film in question is the Naked Gun Reboot. While the official name hasn’t yet been finalized, we know for sure that he will be featured alongside the stars Liam Neeson and Pamela Anderson.


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The American Nightmare has acted in shows before, but this will mark his big Hollywood break. Much like Roman Reigns’ situation in Good Fortune, Rhodes’ role is also unsure at the moment.

To keep yourself updated on the subject, stay tuned.