Emotions ran high during the final match between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns on Night #2 of WrestleMania. Not only was Bloodline Rules the stipulation of the match, but this would also be the last time the former AEW star would get a chance at the title. After a year of waiting, a beat down from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson the night before, and everything on the line, this showdown was set to be epic. The 145,000-plus fans in attendance electrified the arena as the rivals stared each other down. This is where Reigns told Rhodes something special.

On the Sports Illustrated podcast with Jimmy Traina, Rhodes said, “This was very much a big fight feel and it kind of continued and snowballed into Roman and I are looking at each other in the ring and you can see it on camera uh, but he said ‘one more dance’ and I thought oh we are cruising into something and and he just came so dialed in and so prepared um just just an outstanding…” 

Knowing that this could be the last time both men faced each other, the Tribal Chief wanted to lay it all out and give the fans the match they were waiting for. Both men looked exceptional during the match. Nevertheless, no question remains over whether the two superstars could deliver as they laid it all down in the ring to give the fans a spectacle.


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There is a plethora of unscripted moments that take place at Premium Live Events. Many of these result from competing wrestlers just taking it all in before laying it all on the line. And that’s what seems to have happened between Rhodes and Reigns. However, this also reminds us of another unscripted moment that Rhodes was a part of previously. Remember Brock Lesnar hugging Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam 2023 after their match? This was unscripted and took the former AEW star by surprise. After the hug, Lesnar raised Rhodes’ hand in front of the crowd! People were shocked because Lesnar rarely breaks his character.

When Brock Lesnar passed the torch to Cody Rhodes!

Lesnar isn’t known for being empathetic. But after SummerSlam 2023, where he was out for Rhodes’ blood, there was a slight shift. Lesnar hugging Rhodes was perceived as passing on the torch. And true to it, Rhodes went ahead to do some great things!


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After the incident occurred, Triple H said, “I heard Cody say he hadn’t had time to really digest the Brock Lesnar moment after their match – completely unplanned, completely in the moment. … Name the amount of people that Brock Lesnar has gotten up after going through a match like that, shook their hand and pulled them in to hug them before walking out.”


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Triple H saw the gesture as an attestation to how long Rhodes had come in his journey at the promotion. He even called Brock Lesnar a generational talent. But coming back to Rhodes and Reigns, what does the future hold for the latter? Especially after a tough loss. With Cody Rhodes winning the title at Mania XL and The Bloodline getting a new Tribal Chief in the form of Solo Sikoa, it seems hard to fathom Reigns vs. Rhodes again. The speculated storyline moving forward will be the WWE Universal champion taking on The Rock while Reigns battles for leadership of The Bloodline.


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Remember how Tama Tonga, during Paul Heyman’s backstage segment, said “By orders of the Tribal Chief”? Paul Heyman was shocked, and this led to a lot of speculations about a storm erupting in the Bloodline. Further, there is said to be a babyface turn for Reigns once he returns to the WWE. This will pit him against the new Bloodline, possibly with help from The Usos.

Many have compared this to the old team taking on the new one. Fans are excited to see how the WWE will lay out the stories for both Rhodes and Reigns moving forward. What did you think about the moment between the two at Mania? Let us know in the comments below.

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