Dwayne Johnson and the rest of The Bloodline are preparing to enter WrestleMania XL with all that they have got. More members of the Anoa’i family are rumored to appear at the event this year. However, so far, only one of them has seemed to have confirmed his presence in Philadelphia next week.

The star in question is a cousin to both Roman Reigns and The Rock. Because of his scarce appearance in the promotion in the last several years, it may excite fans to see him return to the promotion again.

Will Dwayne Johnson be ready to see his cousin return?


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Both The Rock and Rikishi haven’t worked together in a long time. So, the latter’s announcement regarding his presence in Philadelphia is sure to raise some excitement among fans. However, whether or not Rikishi will be there to interfere in a match on either of the nights is still a mystery.

Recently, the WWE Hall of Famer took to social media to upload a message for the wrestling fans who would be in Philadelphia in the upcoming week. Rikishi wrote, “Philadelphia!! If you hear me. I’ll see you soon.” In the end, he closed this message by signing off his ring name.

Whether he will appear in one of the matches at WrestleMania XL, or mark his presence at WWE World being set up a few miles away from the venue, the WWE legend didn’t clear this up. Considering the feud going on between his twin children, Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso, Rikishi might show up to put an end to their rivalry by interfering in their match.

Moreover, he might also side with his cousins on night one or support Roman Reigns on night two as part of the Bloodline Rules.

Despite his lack of appearances in WWE, the stars haven’t forgotten about Rikishi’s legacy.


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Rhea Ripley paid tribute to Dwayne Johnson’s cousin

At a recent WWE live house show, Rhea Ripley was defending her title against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler in a triple-threat match. During one of the spots, Mami was seen using a move out of Rikishi’s playbook. Fans saw the WWE Women’s Champion using Stink Face on Nia Jax while she was recovering at one of the four corners of the ring.

Not only did this become a fun moment for the viewers to watch, but it was also a tribute to Rikishi who was popular for pulling off this move during his time in the wrestling world. Ripley’s video of doing the same went viral, making fans think about the time when Rikishi was still in the sport.


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Now, the iconic move can be recreated as the wrestler is returning to WrestleMania 40, potentially as a spot in one of the matches.