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“Serious Enough to Make Me Contemplate Retirement”: The Undertaker’s Ex-Wife Sara Helped Him Give Birth to the ‘American Badass’

Published 09/12/2022, 2:35 PM EDT

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Early retirement is the worst scenario a pro wrestler could experience during his career. Having to quit a career untimely is something that no one would even wish on their enemies. A small percentage of them had the bad fate of retiring extremely early in their careers because of injuries. While many had to give in to career-threatening injuries, some were fortunate enough to recover. However, did you know The Undertaker also went through such a situation?

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Taker was performing under his “Ministry of Darkness” gimmick in 1999. As the year’s end drew near, he had a groin injury that required time off to recuperate. Unfortunately, The Deadman also tore his pectoral muscle, which led to both injuries, and he was forced to think about retiring as a result. But he got out of it.


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What did The Undertaker have to say about his injury?

It was evident by the end of 1999 that the Deadman would require a lengthy recuperation period after surgery. His hip bones were turning weak like powdered glass. The Ministry had fully done its dash, and the demonic Taker gimmick also seemed like something to get rid of, in order to make room for something fresh upon his return. Hence, he “retired” and took a much-needed rest during a SmackDown filming.

“It was pretty intense. It’s a good thing I have a high pain threshold,” said Taker. The injury-induced despair prompted him to consider hanging up his boots permanently, and he was unable to motivate himself to train for his comeback.


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If The Undertaker had retired twenty years earlier, we can’t even begin to fathom what we would have missed.“The injuries I had, they were serious enough to make me contemplate retirement,” he added. His then-wife, Sara Frank, had a major role in his recovery as admitted by himself.


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Taker refused to yield to this and came back with a bang. He spent this hiatus with his wife Sara as they cherished their collective love for bikes. This time spent with her helped him come back with a new look and he brought a whole new persona to himself, but not something out of a storybook. It was something much closer to what The Phenom actually was. 

The new Taker came back as a bada** biker with a bandanna covering his long red hair, wraparound sunglasses, cut-off clothes, and a huge Harley Davidson, and the rest was classic pro wrestling history.


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What are your thoughts on The Undertaker’s recovery and return?

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