7ft 3In WWE Giant Gets Destroyed Online for a “Terribly Cringe” Botch While Confronting Brock Lesnar: “This Was Awful as Hell”

Published 03/14/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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The hype around Brock Lesnar vs Omos’ WrestleMania match is through the roof. It is one of the most talked about matches in the prestige premium live event. And thus, a significant buildup of their feud before the main event becomes quite necessary. Fans saw an attempt at building up the storyline in the recent Monday Night Raw. However, it didn’t receive much praise. 

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As soon as the rumors erupted about The Beast Incarnate’s booking against the Big Jordan, fans didn’t wait for a moment to show their disagreement. It also came to light that Vince McMahon is involved in making this creative decision, which then turned fans’ backlash towards him. However, it seems like the company is going forward with its decision. Nevertheless, a recent segment between the two left fans disappointed again. 

Brock Lesnar and Omos’ encounter in the recent Monday Night Raw


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In the last Monday Night Raw, we saw The Conqueror shaking hands with the Nigeria-born wrestler. But a few seconds into it, he sensed something hostile as Omos didn’t let go of his hand which then forced Brock Lesnar to initiate a move against Omos.

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So, he did the same just to receive a botched move from the opponent in return. The 28-year-old massive-bodied wrestler couldn’t throw Lesnar out of the top ring. However, after witnessing this segment, fans destroyed the Giant on social media. 


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Fans express their annoyance at witnessing the botched move

The botched move soon attracted numerous eyes and fans over the internet couldn’t wait to troll The Nigerian Giant. Most of them criticized him hysterically and even pointed out the fact that how the 45-year-old had to push himself to get thrown from the ring. 

“omg how u fail to throw Brock over throw ropes omos..Brock may have to carry him in the match”

“Man can’t even throw someone over the rope😂”

One of the fans even mentioned about the handshake that the cameraman zoomed into stating it as cringe.

“Omos can’t even make a handshake look normal everything is just terribly cringe…good thing this match will be 4 minutes tops”

Some disappointed fans lost hope to have a great WrestleMania match after witnessing botch on a simple spot. 

“Already doing botches on a simple spot. This match gonna be a nightmare”

“This Segment was Awful as hell 😭🗑️”


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The botched move by the 7ft 3In Giant even made wrestling fanatics change the PPV’s name. 


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Along with all these sarcastically criticizing comments, a fan straight away said that one of the heaviest wrestlers is not ready for a big stage yet. 

“Omos not ready for a big stage yet. Can’t even throw Lesnar out right”

If incidents like these remain consistent, there are high chances that fans won’t be excited about Lesnar’s booking choices against Omos. This would probably be the first time that fans won’t be thrilled with one of the main matches of the premium live event. 


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So, what did you make of the segment? Will fans support this booking for WrestleMania 39 or not?



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