Best Ambulance Match Ever? Fans React to Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre at Clash of Champions

September 28, 2020 8:00 am

WWE Clash of Champions got a lot more heated and approval ratings have broken the ceiling. The Ambulance match between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton was in a word- Epic.

“The Legend Killer” was revisited by ghosts of the past as 2020 came in full-circle for him. Randy Orton was denied the victory by his own doings.

Orton had the WWE Champion at his feet many times in the match. At first, he was going to end the match early through a Punt kick on McIntyre’s broken jaw.

However, he was halted by a returning, clean-shaven Big Show! The giant caught Orton by his leg and ended up choke slamming him through the commentary table.

This put a huge knife through Orton’s plans, and fans were left confused. Why did Big Show return? It all came together soon enough.

Randy Orton once more had McIntyre at a disadvantage, but he was surprised yet again. Former WWE Superstar Christian ambushed him out of nowhere! 

In another random appearance, Orton was prevented the victory by a Superstar. Unusually, there had already been two interferences. 

WWE legend Shawn Michaels also returned to take revenge against Orton!

Soon, fans understood what was happening. As Randy Orton kicked Drew McIntyre off the roof of the ambulance, he was laughing sinisterly.

At that moment, WWE legend Shawn Michaels returned to deliver a huge Sweet Chin Music on Orton, sending him off the Ambulance as well.

It became obvious by then that all the Superstars that Randy Orton had Punted throughout the year were returning to collect their dues.

Everyone was waiting now for the one and only Edge, who has been absent since his loss to Orton at Backlash. Unfortunately, “The Rated-R Superstar” did not show up, but we were treated to much more satisfying content.

Drew McIntyre managed to capitalize on the interferences and delivered a devastating Claymore Kick to Orton. “The Viper” was finished and McIntyre was about to close the Ambulance door on him.

However, “The Scottish Psychopath” had one more debt to clear. Pulling Orton out halfway from the ambulance, McIntyre primed himself and delivered a thumping Punt kick on Orton. To top it off, it was later seen that WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was driving the ambulance!

This was revenge for the same attacks on him over the past weeks. Then, McIntyre shut the door once and for all on a defeated Orton.

Karma had come in full circle for Randy Orton. “The Legend Killer” was vanquished by the legends he ‘killed’. The bell has tolled and Randy Orton has paid in full for his sins.

There is still one man left to collect what is owed to him, and he will be returning to take it back.

Luke Dias

Luke Dias is a WWE and AEW author at EssentiallySports. His profound knowledge of WWE’s history and its wrestlers adds depth to his work. Luke’s favorite wrestlers are Drew McIntyre, Stone Cold, Mick Foley, and Shotzi Blackheart. Luke is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Mass Media at St. Xavier's College (Mumbai) and is experienced in Travel Writing and Photography.

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