WATCH: Shawn Michaels Superkicks Randy Orton Out of Nowhere at Clash of Champions

September 28, 2020 5:00 pm

Clash of Champions 2020 certainly wasn’t the best night for Randy Orton. The ‘Legend killer’ had a tough day at the office with his past actions costing him this magnanimous encounter.

On paper, this was a one-on-one ambulance match. However, it turned out to be a handicap match for the ‘Viper.’

All Legends killed by Orton came to haunt him during his title match a few hours ago at Clash of Champions. It took four legends to put out Orton’s flame.

However, the thing that caught him by the biggest surprise was some Sweet Chin Music. Yes, you read that right. Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels knocked the lights out of Randy Orton.

The match ended with Drew McIntyre locking Randy Orton inside an ambulance and two time Hall of Famer, Nature boy Ric Flair, driving him out of the arena.

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What is the possible road ahead for Randy Orton?

After today’s loss, Randy Orton is on a strange road without a destination map. If one notices the last two episodes of Raw, it seems like WWE is interested in Drew McIntyre shifting his focus to Keith Lee.

If that prediction becomes a fact, then where does that leave the Legend Killer? As of now, there are three possibilities.

The first possibility is the return of Edge. The Edge vs Orton rivalry still has a long way to go. However, it was cut short due to Edge’s injury after the ‘greatest wrestling match ever’ at Backlash 2020. Edge’s return could give something huge to Orton and the WWE faithful.

The second possibility could see Orton going after Drew McIntyre for one last time with Hell in a Cell coming up. Being the great performers they are, McIntyre and Orton can deliver a great contest inside Hell in a Cell.

The final possibility for Orton is to return to SmackDown. The WWE draft is coming on October 9th and 12th.

Orton can go over to the blue brand and have a proper feud for the Universal title. WWE can use Randy Orton as a launchpad to put over Roman Reigns and build him even more for his rumored WrestleMania match with The Rock.

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