Bayley and Sasha Banks Have the Best Storyline in WWE Right Now

September 11, 2020 6:24 pm

The specific ratings of last week’s SmackDown came out a few hours ago, and there was a huge shocker on the cards. Apart from the rise in viewership, Superstars Sasha Banks and Bayley managed to pull in a mammoth number of viewers for their match.

The segment recorded a peak of 2,320,000 viewers and is higher in ratings than any other segment that WWE has done in months. These numbers are overall and trump any Raw match as well.

Banks and Bayley tried to regain their Tag Team titles against Nia Tax and Shayna Baszler on Friday. They put up a good fight but were inevitably outmuscled by the powerhouse duo.

Jax landed a massive drop on them and pinned both Superstars simultaneously. This dominant show established Jax and Baszler as the undisputed Champions.

Gutted by the defeat, Bayley lost her cool and vented it all out on an injured Banks. Brutally beating down her own partner, Bayley mercilessly attacked Banks.

This shocking break in the friendship was when the show peaked in numbers. Banks was torn apart by a vengeful Bayley. As a final attack, Bayley lodged a steel chair over Banks’s head and jumped on it from the top rope.

SmackDown fans were shocked by the actions of Bayley

The former Raw Women’s Champion was lifeless and couldn’t move. Bayley walked away, and the horror was evident on the faces of the ThunderDome audience.

“The Golden Role Models” have had a great heel run. Since their shocking turn, they have been a star attraction for WWE. Pulling in great numbers every time, they were given the center stage.

This highly anticipated break in their friendship has piqued fan interest. We are inarguably going to see some classic Sasha Banks vs Bayley matches now, that have the potential to reach WrestleMania.

This sort of content is what keeps SmackDown above the 2 million mark. Raw could learn a lot from the blue brand. Sasha Banks and Bayley will soon set the stage for a massive rise in viewership on the road to WrestleMania.

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