“I’ve Got No Interest”- Seth Rollins Does Not Want to Work With a WWE Superstar

October 11, 2020 5:02 pm

It seems as if Seth Rollins isn’t involved in enough feuds at one time. Even though he is in close competition with Dominik Mysterio, the rest of the Mysterio family, as well as his former disciple Murphy, “The Saviour”, has now taken a shot at Matt Riddle.

In the recent WWE Draft watch-along, the former WWE Champion was asked whether him facing Matt Riddle was in the plans. Seth Rollins gave a reply that turned a lot of eyes towards him.

This controversial reply is yet to be countered by Riddle. Judging by past altercations, Matt Riddle is not one to back down from social media confrontations. 

“The Monday Night Messiah” is set to become the “Friday Night Messiah” after his draft to the blue brand on the latest episode of SmackDown. 

Seth Rollins may have a peronal issue with Matt Riddle

This has open-end up a lot of avenues for his character. Rollins had an opposite opinion of Riddle back in 2018.

Matt Riddle is yet to find himself a solid storyline in WWE. He has been in and out of the action for SmackDown and has no defining match under his belt yet.

Unfortunately, the feud with him and Rollins will not take place. This is primarily because Rollins will continue his feud with Rey and Dominik Mysterio on SmackDown. 

Seth Rollins has been having a bitter rivalry with Matt Riddle outside the ring. It got worse when Riddle’s wife Lisa took a shot at Becky Lynch in a crude Instagram post which was later deleted. She had criticised Becky Lynch and a few toher female Superstars for being paid for their looks rather than performance.

Whether or not the drastic change in the opinion of Seth Rollins his something personal against Riddle, we do not know yet. What we do know is that Rollins is no longer a ‘bro’.

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