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Fans Disappointed With WWE 2K Battleground

Fans Disappointed With WWE 2K Battleground


WWE 2K Battlegrounds has been on choppy waters since its release and its apparent that a lot of things need to be fixed in the game. On Twitter, a lot of fans are complaining about the newly launched game.

Battlegrounds was supposed to be the revolutionary game for the company. Following the failure of the hyped 2K20, WWE made it a priority with 2K to make Battlegrounds a better game.

Fans expected a lot of upgrades from 2K20 in graphics and gameplay. However, it seems as if the old demons will return to haunt the game.

There have been numerous reports of the game lagging during crucial moments of the match. One could argue that the system of an individual’s arrangement cannot adequately support the game.

However, the reports of the same issue have been consistent. This is not the only problem the game is having so far.

Players argue that their progress gets reset to zero many times, and all saved data is erased for no given reason. This is a very frustrating issue, especially for gamers.

Various sites have even launched support pages to deal with crashes in the game. It isn’t really having the best time. Even though the game is receiving a lot of hate, it is also winning its fair share of praise.

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WWE 2K Battlegrounds has also received good reviews

A lot of gamers have complimented Battlegrounds as being the best game of the year so far. The new style of gameplay and the use of actual power makes the game a lot more fun to play.

Many also consider it a welcome change form the typical format of previous WWE 2K games. The animations give a unique feel to an otherwise monotonous game.

Moreover, the live Twitch streams from WWE Superstars like AJ Styles, Ronda Rousey, and Paige all help in promoting the game. It is currently the 6th hottest game on the UK Charts and intends to do better.

If the minor bog issues are fixed, I trust that Battlegrounds will surely be the game WWE fans want. As a true successor of the Raw vs SmackDown 2009 game, Battlegrounds has a lot to cover but can easily get there eventually.

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