Fans have been loving Roman Reigns‘ heel run so far. Even though his future as the same character seems to be in jeopardy, fans would still pick him as one of the best heels of the current era. But it seems that his absence has made a big difference among the fanbase. The viewers are no longer considering him in competition when talking about top heels in wrestling.

WWE veteran Bully Ray recently took to his social media to ask an interesting question to fans. The former wrestler tweeted, “IMO… There are only 3 LEGIT Heels in the wrestling biz walking the planet today. Let’s see if you get MY list right. Winner gets a surprise prize.” He would probably reveal his list on the next Busted Open Podcast episode released after this tweet.


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Through the comments, we got to know the fans’ opinions. Solo Sikoa has been a heel for a long time but fans have only seen him in the limelight ever since Roman Reigns left for hiatus. Now, fans are noticing him more than The Tribal Chief. In the comment section of Bully Ray’s tweet, we can see several fans naming Solo Sikoa as one of the best heels in the wrestling world today.

He wasn’t on every list but was a recurring name in the comment section. Other recurring names that deserve a mention are MJF and Dominik Mysterio. Plenty of fans have mentioned the two names again and again in their lists, but Roman Reigns is hardly found anywhere.

Has the Tribal Chief fallen off the wagon? Fans pick Solo Sikoa over Roman Reigns

After Bully Ray asked fans to guess his list of top three heels in the wrestling world, fans filled the comment section with unique choices. Surprisingly, Solo Sikoa made several appearances despite getting boo-ed when he first became a temporary head of The Bloodline.

Apart from mentioning the WWE veteran Christian Cage who now performs in AEW, this fan also revealed that his list consists of Nia Jax. With Solo Sikoa also on the list, we can see two Samoan wrestlers as three of the best heels in wrestling.

Yet another fan dropped Cage’s name on their list. This time around, The Ring General also made an appearance. And as we know, The Enforcer of The Bloodline was right up there with them.

This viewer made an elaborate list, discussing both retired and active wrestlers from WWE and AEW separately. In WWE, he picked Dirty Dom with another wrestler who was formerly an LWO member before mentioning Solo Sikoa in the end.

Here we saw a return of both Dom and Cage. This fan also mentioned Roman Reigns, which is a rare sight in this comment section. This time around, The Tribal Chief took the win over Sikoa as the latter was mentioned honorably and not technically on the list.


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Here we have MJF from AEW and Sikoa as one of the two WWE wrestlers that this fan picked for his list. We don’t know whether this would be the winning list but all of these names have been recurring in the comment section.


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Apart from The Ring General, we have got yet another chaos-causing talent. However, Roman Reigns is still not getting picked over his younger cousin, probably because he is on a hiatus.

Do you think Roman Reigns will have trouble dealing with Solo Sikoa’s popularity when he is back in WWE?