Can Solo Sikoa step out of Roman Reigns' shadow and make a name for himself at SummerSlam?

Roman Reigns‘ WWE return is still a mystery. Fans were expecting the superstar to show up at Money in the Bank because of The Bloodline card during the night. However, they had to let go of this desire when he wasn’t there by the time Solo Sikoa pinned the reigning Undisputed Universal Champion in the six-man tag match.

This rivalry between Sikoa and Cody Rhodes could lead up to the next PLE at SummerSlam. According to an industry insider, this may not play out in the favor of the new Bloodline leader.

Solo Sikoa may lose at the hands of Roman Reigns’ conqueror


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If WWE decides to continue the plot between Rhodes and Sikoa, we could witness a championship match between the two. However, the chances of the new Tribal Chief’s victory are slim according to Bryan Alvarez who thinks that Solo Sikoa can’t defeat Cody Rhodes as of yet.

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Speaking on the Bryan & Vinny Show, Alvarez added, “Does anybody think Solo Sikoa has a chance in f**king hell of beating Cody [Rhodes] at SummerSlam? Raise your hand if you do. Nobody? Okay.


He did a mock voting about who could believe in Sikoa’s victory in a title bout so soon. Cody Rhodes won the championship in April 2024 after a long struggle, so WWE wouldn’t want him to give it up easily. Moreover, Solo Sikoa is not that over with fans to be crowned the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.


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Roman Reigns has a possibility of feuding with Cody Rhodes for the title, but the Stamford-based company will likely keep him focused on the rumored Bloodline civil war when he returns. But most of the fanbase may be wondering when this storyline will kick off.

When should we expect Roman Reigns to return?

The story partly began as soon as Roman Reigns left on a hiatus only to leave Solo Sikoa in charge. Things started drastically changing for The Bloodline and now Solo Sikoa has assumed full control over the family stable that was handed to him just temporarily. Fans believe that Roman Reigns will return to take the power back, but will fail miserably for being outnumbered. However, he will then have to set up a new team, including the wrestlers who support him. Reigns could also turn babyface upon return as Paul Heyman already has had a change of heart.


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Some screenshots went viral on the internet from the official WWE page, showing Roman Reigns’ return date to WWE. According to this publicly available data, the former Anoa’i chief will return to the leading wrestling promotion on Friday Night SmackDown before SummerSlam. If this ends up happening, the ex-champion may get a match in the August PLE. Although it is doubtful that he will start wrestling against his cousins right away, he could still get involved in a small segment.

Do you believe Solo Sikoa will be able to defeat Cody Rhodes in August 2024?