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Brock Lesnar is known for his ferocious nature inside the ring. But ‘The Beast’ can be equally vicious outside the squared circle as well. In a shocking revelation, WWE executive Bruce Prichard has recounted a heart-pounding incident involving the Lesnar where a backstage mishap turned into a near-miss catastrophe. The incident was shared on Prichard’s widely followed podcast as he shed light on the lighter side of Lesnar

How Brock Lesnar almost killed Bruce Prichard

On the latest episode of Ask Bruce Anything on his podcast channel Something to Wrestle With, a fan asked Prichard about the incident in which Lesnar almost killed him. The narrative comes straight from Prichard himself. He disclosed that during the course of a backstage segment, Lesnar inadvertently caused a real-life injury to Prichard. The situation, while alarming, took an unexpected turn when Lesnar chose to make amends in a rather unconventional way.


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During Lesnar’s initial stint with the WWE from 2002 to 2004, Bruce Prichard was the mastermind behind many backstage segments. During the filming of a scene, Brock Lesnar was trapped inside a room made of sheetrock.

He [Brock Lesnar] just started breaking his way out and when he did the big piece of uh sheetrock came and smashed me in the face and it’s basically broke my face broke my nose in three different places.” He further added that Lesnar was apologetic after the incident and made it up to him with a special gesture.

Prichard said, “Brock’s like ‘oh my God you know what happened’ I’m like ‘dude I’m fine’  ‘you’re not fine’ and so then they [Brock Lesnar and Big Show] get me and they took me in a room and now I get to look at it and see it first time in the mirror it was gruesome.”

Prichard added that as an apology Lesnar got him lobsters and crabs to eat from their favorite place. “He left a note saying ‘sorry for breaking your face enjoy this lobster”, Prichard said as he concluded the incident

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The WWE universe is familiar with Brock Lesnar’s imposing and fierce demeanor, but insiders who have worked alongside the former WWE Champion often describe him as warm and full of life behind the scenes.

Lesnar’s concern for The Undertaker


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One more such incident which has been etched on the minds of fans happened at WrestleMania 30. It was the pinnacle of Brock Lesnar’s pro wrestling journey. This was the moment when he shattered The Undertaker’s undefeated WrestleMania streak.

Amidst the hard-hitting action, The Undertaker suffered a concussion. In response, WWE chairman Vince McMahon swiftly left the event to accompany The Undertaker to the hospital.

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Brock Lesnar’s involvement didn’t end with his win in the ring. Fueled by concern for his fellow competitor, Lesnar chose to accompany McMahon and The Undertaker to the medical facility.


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