Rhea Ripley continues to be a force to be reckoned with during the Elimination Press event emanating from her homeland tonight. The Aussie-born let her dominance touch heights, giving a taster of what she will bring to the table tomorrow during her grudge fight against Nia Jax. She splashed a bottle of Prime onto Jax’s face, following a heated conversation.

Rhea Ripley washed away Nia Jax’s pride with a prime bottle

Mami had to show her power in front of her people tonight. When she stepped up, the crowd foresaw a storm brewing up to wreak havoc. And The Eradicator didn’t prove them wrong by engaging in a gruesome verbal war with the Irresistible Force. After going back and forth for a few seconds, Mami became furious and asked the fans if they wanted to see a preview of her high-voltage Elimination Chamber match. As they showed endorsement, Rhea Ripley didn’t waste a second splashing an entire bottle of Prime onto Nia Jax’s face uttering, two last words, ”Splash Bi***” 


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We can rest assured that the Women’s title match this Saturday awaits some solid drama.

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However, it’s certainly not the first time Mami put Nia Jax on notice as the buildup to their upcoming title match.

Rhea Ripley warned Nia Jax not to get in her way

Mami has been on a role reigning as a WWE Women’s Champion in the house for a while. Although she has nothing left to prove when it comes to her well-documented wrestling prowess, Mami keeps on taking up challenges after challenges to keep her fire moving.

The Eradicator will hence defend her title against Nia Jax at the premium live event this Saturday in Perth, Australia. While it won’t seem to be a very tough contention for Mami, Jax’s growing momentum heading into the Women’s World Championship match can’t be denied either.


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Speaking on a recent episode of WWE’s The Bump, The Judgment Day member sent a chilling threat to The Irresistible Force. Rhea Ripley warned that Nia Jax’s nightmares are going to become her reality if she dares to mess with Mami in the Elimination Chamber. Ripley advised her to run before she got her punishment right.

We need to see how Mami lives up to her rock-solid confidence in the PLE tomorrow.


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What’s your take on Rhea Ripley labeling Nia Jax with a classic heel move tonight? Sound off in the comments.

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