Steel Chair to Wrench: Edge and Seth Rollins Used Deadly Weapons During Epic Hell in a Cell Clash

Published 10/21/2021, 12:58 PM EDT

Guess who kicked off Crown Jewel 2021? The Princes of Darkness themselves, Seth Rollins and Edge! Both of them entered the ring with only one motive in mind, to finish the other! Moreover, the steel cage had everyone in the arena cheering at the top of their voices.


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The only way for either of them to win was either disqualification or pinfall. The final match for a story which started in 2014 was happening inside Hell in a Cell, as per Edge’s choice! Let’s find out how the fairy tale between The Drip God and The Rated-R Superstar ends.


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The first to enter the arena was Seth Rollins. He was pumped, dressed to perfection, and he walked down the ramp with utmost confidence. Next, arrived Edge. The arena erupted with cheers, and the Rated-R Superstar walked down the ramp with his bright red and yellow tights. Excellent!

The door was locked, the Superstars were ready, and the bell went off. The first shot was by Edge, and he shoved Rollins to the turnbuckles and showered him with punches. However, The Drip God found a way around with a kick to the face.


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Seth Rollins and Edge took brutality to the next level

Seth Rollins managed to knock down Edge with a boot to the face from the top rope. Next, he tried to jump through the ropes to take him down further but Edge shoved him to the steel cage and held his face against it. The Drip God cried out in pain, but The Rated-R Superstar wouldn’t stop. So, what does he do next? He takes out the steel chairs!

Before using the chairs, Edge attempted the first pin, but Rollins kicked out. To ensure Rollins remains put down, Edge broke the chair and tried to put Rollins in his infamous hold, but The Drip God retaliated and tried to take out Edge’s eye with the rod. Brutal, isn’t it?

After squaring off ringside for a while, Rollins found himself in the corner again and a spear from Edge hurt him, but not enough. The Drip God turned the tables when he punished Edge with the steel chair, smashing Edge with it multiple times.

But, Edge did not stay down. He put Rollins in the cross face hold, but it backfired. Rollins managed to grab the broken piece of rod, and hit Edge’s eye with it. It was getting brutal.. unimaginable brutal.

As if this wasn’t enough, Seth Rollins introduced the table to the match. Unfortunately, it was The Visionary who went through it when the Hall of Famer pushed him off the top rope through the table.

By this time, both of them had tried to pin the other, but failed.

So, Edge used another weapon at his disposal, the steel steps. The Rated-R Superstar pulled Rollins on the steps, and executed the Edge O-Matic. Next, he claimed the top rope and jumped on Rollins with a steel chair, and went for a pin but Rollins kicked out!!

Following a bit of back and forth, The Drip God tried to curb stomped Edge, but The Rated-R Superstar stopped it, buckle-bombed him, and speared him! Unfortunately, Rollins kicked out of the pin that followed.

The WWE Hall of Famer turned the tables

Finally, Edge introduced the ladder to the ring. And, shoved it right into Seth’s face. It didn’t look like something anyone could survive, but this is Seth Rollins. He still had something left in him. He turned the tables, and shoved Edge into the ladder, and then smashed the ladder into him again!

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By this time, Seth Rollins’ had had enough. He brought another table to the ring, hit Edge on the neck, the recently injured neck, several times, and laid him down on the table. Following that, he climbed the ladder, but Edge followed him to the top of the ladder.

He smashed Edge on the neck multiple times, and brought Edge through a table, yet The Rated-R Superstar kicked out.

The frustrated Rollins super kicked Edge multiple times, took out the biker chain from a bag, tied it around his foot and ankles, kicked Edge on the face with it. He followed this brutality by putting Edge’s head on the steel chair, and tried to curb stomp the Hall of Famer, but but but.. Edge picked up the chair on time and disabled Rollins for sometime.

The Rated-R Superstar kicked Rollins in the face multiple times, took off the chain, and used the chain to punish Rollins. Next, he picked up a wrench to continue the punishment. But right before Rollins was about to tap out, Edge let it go.


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He put Rollins’ head on the chair, and curb stomped him!


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Edge pinned, the referee counted to three. The Rated-R Superstar wins!

What a match, what a start to WWE Crown Jewel 2021. But is it truly the end of the fairytale?



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