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“You Think I Give a Damn?”: Austin Theory Once Again Foreshadows Potential Wrestlemania 39 Match Against John Cena

Published 11/27/2022, 8:00 AM EST

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There is nothing that WWE fans want more than to see John Cena inside wrestling gear in his attire, ready to punch the man in front of him. And who to better put down than the man who is imitating the Champ?

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Not only is he mocking Cena, but now he is outright calling out the 16-time Champion on TV and in interviews. So, the story writes itself, the only thing we need now is the match confirmation on WrestleMania 39.


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This superstar is none other than the newly crowned United States Champion, Austin Theory. While he already showed multiple signs of having an extended feud with Cena, there has been no confirmation.

But his actions at Survivor Series 2022 may be just the spark that Triple H is intending to leave for a part-time wrestling return for Cena in the future.

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In a show-stopping match against two of the best Raw superstars right now, Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley, Austin Theory picked up a surprise victory. As you might remember that Theory won the same title prior to this year.

After winning the title for the first time, he shouted it out loud that he was going to challenge Cena, but that didn’t happen last time. But he won it again and now the question remains, will Cena return?

Austin Theory subtly challenges John Cena as he wins in Boston

After winning his championship, Theory came out and addressed the crowd. He said, “You are gonna go home here in Boston, and you are gonna watch me become a two-time United States Champion because I’m that good. You think I give a damn if John Cena’s from here? Cause I don’t. I’m better than him! I’m gonna show each one of you, Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, you’re all the same. And me? I’m going straight to the damn top.


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One more fact that made this chilling was that Cena did the same thing once when he was champion and a heel. So this entire interaction might also be a reference to that iconic Cena moment where he rap battles with a fan.


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Well, now that the storyline is set and people are more accepting of Austin Theory and Cena has also hinted at a WrestleMania return, a possible face-off is inevitable.


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