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Injuries in the professional wrestling world are a quite common sight. Last year, the ‘American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes suffered a massive pectoral injury that shocked the WWE Universe. However, Cody Rhodes wasn’t the only one who suffered a major injury in 2022. The former NXT champion Tommaso Ciampa was also sidelined due to an injury in the second of the last year.

In August 2022, Tommaso Ciampa sustained a hip injury after his match against Bobby Lashley. And, currently, he is under the treatment for that. However, with his latest post, Ciampa has shared a piece of amazing news with his fans.

Tommaso Ciampa updated fans about his injury


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Recently, Tommaso Ciampa posted a picture of him from his official Instagram handle. With the picture, he also shared some good news about his health with the fans, saying that he had just finished his final stem cell treatment.

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He also praised the healthcare system of Columbia, detailing his treatment statistics. He even revealed that when people at his treatment canter asked him to write one thing he is hoping to achieve on his stem cell bag, he wrote: “dance with buddies”. Ciampa mentioned that it is the term that his 4-year-daughter use for wrestling.  

Sharing his treatment details, Tommaso Ciampa wrote, “Today was my final stem cell treatment. They have this awesome tradition at @bioxcellerator where you write what you are hoping to achieve on your stem cell bag. I wrote “dance with buddies” which is Willow’s term for wrestling, and “play tag” because it breaks my heart that I can’t run and play with my 4 year old.”


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As soon as fans saw this post, they started to shower Ciampa with love and support. They were also quite excited to see him competing inside the ring very soon. Following are the top comments by the fans who are waiting for Ciampa to comeback.

“Can’t wait to see you back, you are truly one of my favourites in all aspects of wrestling from Ring 

Psychology, story telling, and just being a phenomenal wrestler. Glad to hear not only are you healing but you may be coming back better than ever!🙌❤️”

“I can’t wait to see you dance with buddies again. 🙌”

“Swift recovery, Champ-a! 🤙”


“Can’t wait for you’re return”

“excited to see you back in the ring champ! let’s go 🔥”

“Can’t wait to see back in wwe your someone I’ve always looked up to”

Ciampa’s WWE career

Tommaso Ciampa made a name in WWE in 2015 along with Johnny Gargano as a part of the wrestling stable #DIY. And in 2016, both defeated ‘The Revival’ to capture the NXT Tag Team Championship. However, the team split as Ciampa turned against Gargano in 2018.

The same year, he got his hands on the NXT Championship. Ciampa was the second wrestler to hold both the NXT tag team title and the NXT championship (Neville being the first one). In 2022, Tommaso Ciampa officially joined the main roster as a part of the RAW brand.


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There he turned heel for the first time since 2019 by attacking Mustafa Ali and helping The Miz. Soon after, both superstars formed a team.

In late 2022, Tommaso Ciampa feuded with Bobby Lashley. But it didn’t go longer as Ciampa suffered a hip injury following his match against Lashley for the United States Championship. Since then, he has been away from the squared circle getting the needed treatment. 


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Now that his health is getting better, and it is expected that he will soon make his return, it would be interesting to see how Triple H books Tommaso Ciampa.

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