Dwayne Johnson is busy with his Hollywood projects ever since he went on a wrestling hiatus after WrestleMania XL. However, the wrestler is rumored to come back to the promotion around SummerSlam this year, which will take place in early August. Till then, The Bloodline has completely changed its dynamic and its way of conducting affairs after Roman Reigns’ departure.

However, it appears that The Rock is aware of what is going on in the heel stable. This is because Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa‘s father recently commented on his post, showing that he is in touch with Johnson and appreciates him.

Dwayne Johnson receives praise for training hard


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Haku and Dwayne Johnson don’t share a blood relation with each other. However, working closely together in the industry has brought the two Polynesian families closer. DJ recently uploaded a video of himself in the MMA training camp that he set up to practice for his upcoming film The Smashing Machine. Under the Instagram video, King Tonga commented in support of Dwayne Johnson: “Looking good nephew, keep up the good work🤙🏼.


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The comment suggests that both Johnson and Haku are closer than fans would have expected them to be. This means that The Brahma Bull is probably aware of the situation going on inside The Bloodline and could have already approved the havoc caused by Tama Tonga and his brother in the promotion.

Although Haku is supportive of the video that the “Final Boss” uploaded on Instagram, not everyone was happy with the attire that he was wearing when he first uploaded his MMA training clip.

Johnson garners criticism and trolls for his training outfit


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On the first day of his MMA training camp, Johnson uploaded a video of himself grappling with a professional. The video shows his progress with the sport, but most of the fans did not focus on what Dwayne Johnson was trying to show them. Contrastingly, everyone started noticing the clothes that he was wearing at the time of the video shoot. The WWE legend was training in his wrestling shorts while his torso was covered with a baggy tank top. This outfit created the illusion that Johnson was wearing underwear while practicing. Several fans commented about the same under his post. It also attracted the attention of an adult star who pointed out that the shorts that Johnson was wearing were not lengthy enough.

But now that Haku has approved of the same, there appears to be less trolling in the comments. Nevertheless, what do you make of the interaction between Johnson and Haku? Do you think it signifies that The Rock is in cohorts with the new Bloodline? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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