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‘That Does Not Apply to You’: WWE Legend Revealed How Vince McMahon Gave the Undertaker and John Cena Special Treatment Behind the Scenes

Published 09/25/2022, 7:15 AM EDT

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The Undertaker has been a dominant force in pro wrestling for decades now. The phenom has had a major role in WWE storylines for a long time too. All of this obviously earned him a lot of leeway and clout within the WWE circles as well. It is only natural to lend out certain perks and benefits to your best performer.

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Bruce Prichard revealed the special treatment that Cena and Undertaker got. They were reportedly allowed to wear their special gear, such as Undertaker’s entire deadman costume, along with Cena’s shorts and tennis shoes.


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Why did The Undertaker get backstage leeway?

It started with Undertaker’s return to WWE. Taker came back into the ring with a whole new persona and did not wish to compromise it. He felt that the American biker image was closer to who he was as a person. The character was also more multi-dimensional than that of the dead man.

The process of convincing The Undertaker to get back to the dead man’s persona was tedious. It involved a back-and-forth dialogue between WWE officials and Taker to convince him to comply. He kept asking questions such as, “What if I’m presented with this situation? How would this Undertaker react?” To which the officials would reply with, “we could do this.” 


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The laxity shown towards Undertaker and John Cena’s dress code could be something stemming from this. As claimed by Prichard, Vince McMahon informed him that he should dress like The Undertaker and that he was exempt from the dress code.


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Thus, Taker then dressed in comfortable clothes, but McMahon stopped him. “That doesn’t apply to you. I want you to be The Undertaker in and out of the ring.” said McMahon. He wore black boots and black jeans as his outfit. There was one item—a pair of black jeans— did not comply with the promotion’s rules. The same with Cena and his shorts.


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This entire story would indeed be very interesting for many WWE fans. It gives them an inside look at the wrestling promotion, not just what gets aired on television. What do you think about this special and differential treatment? Let us know in the comments.

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