“That Little Ba****d Bit Me on the Leg”- WWE Legend Kurt Angle Details an Accident From His Trip to Russia

Published 06/29/2021, 7:30 AM EDT
31 Jul 1996: Kurt Angle of the United States holds the American flag at the free-style wrestling competition during the Summer Olympics at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kurt Angle has had a wrestling career spanning almost two decades. From being a national champion, an Olympic gold medalist to WWE Hall of Famer, Angle has done it all.


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He started amateur wrestling at seven and was considered a prodigy throughout his school and college. Angle then started wrestling full time and ended up being the national champion and the Olympic gold medalist.

NEW YORK – MARCH 18: World Wrestling Entertainment Wrestler Kurt Angle (L) and Chairman Vince McMahon (R) attend a media conference announcing the all-star lineup of WWE WrestleMania XIX at ESPN Zone in Times Square March 18, 2003, in New York City. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

Hence, Angle has a lot of stories on his itinerary. On the latest episode of his podcast, Kurt Angle and Conrad Thompson spoke about the time when a dog attacked him in Russia.


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We had a tournament,” Angle said. He had just won the gold medal at the FILA Wrestling World Championships in Atlanta, Georgia. In the tournament, Russia’s number one team would face champions from all over the world.

So, I went there and the day before the event, I went running along the river to do a 5-mile run to loosen up. A river dog snuck up on me and started barking and growling.”

“I turned around, and it was foaming at the mouth. I knew it had rabies.”

Angle now had to fight the fog to survive. Although the dog was not huge, it gave the Olympian a tough time.

He kicked the dog multiple times and started running again.

“The dog catches up to me, sneaks up on me. The little ba****d bit me on the leg, took out a big chunk in my shin.”

After some more struggle, the dog finally went away. Kurt Angle went back to the hotel and told mentor and coach Dave Schultz what had happened. Schultz spoke to the Russian Authorities.

Although the authorities initially snubbed it off, they arranged for the ambulance.

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Kurt Angle had multiple injections as a rabies antidote

After he was taken to the emergency room, Angle faced the wrath of the nurse because he came during the break. After the break was over, he finally got the rabies shots.

“It was from 1968,” Angle revealed. He got an almost three-decade-old shot. “You had to take seven or eight throughout every couple weeks, you had to take different shots for two months.” 


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During the same time, America had only one shot for Rabies, and it was equally effective. Angle had to complete the entire course. Hence, he brought those old Russian vaccines home.

“It was a nightmare from hell, the rip was incredible,” Angle concluded. The following year, Angle participated in the Olympics and won the gold medal in the heavyweight weight class despite a broken neck.

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