“That’s Better Entertainment”: Fans Send Love, Pick Dwayne Johnson’s XFL Over a Prestigious Hollywood Award Show

Published 03/13/2023, 12:00 PM EDT

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The XFL is slowly but steadily gaining a considerable fanbase. Dwayne Johnson recently shared encouraging news about the league’s viewership numbers. The fact, that it is on during the NFL off-season appears to do wonders for the competition. Football-hungry fans are tuning in to get their daily dose of action.

And in turn, this is boosting the credibility of the XFL. There was evidence of the league’s massive success last night as well. Viewers skipped the telecast of a famous yearly event in its favor in what could be called a massive win for its long-term future.

The 95th Oscar Awards were being broadcasted last night. Former NFL star and WWE announcer Pat McAfee posted a poll on his Twitter account, asking whether the people were watching the awards night.


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Fans put the XFL over the Oscars

Fans responded to the internet poll in huge numbers. A lot of them claimed in the comments, they preferred some football action instead of Hollywood’s star-studded night.

Here are some of the top comments:

The Vegas Vipers took on D.C. Defenders in yesterday’s clash in the XFL. The latter clinched the tie with a scoreline of 32-18. But more than that it is the increasing interest in the whole competition, that will have Johnson buzzing. He would be hoping to bank on that positive momentum. It’s not easy to build something from the scratch. And it is a certain tough task to make the third version of the XFL work.

But the recent news suggests the league is certainly moving in the right direction. And, the fact that people preferred the high-octane action on the field rather than watching the Academy Awards is a win in itself. The People’s Champ has left no stone unturned in promoting it himself.

Dwayne Johnson-owned brands have been sponsoring the XFL

The XFL is currently being sponsored by Johnson’s brands. ZOA Energy drink was announced as the official energy drink for the competition. And recently a liquor brand founded by the 10-time WWE champion associated itself with the league. Teremana Tequilla was announced as the official Tequilla for the league


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DJ would be hoping to get some other popular brands on board soon. And seeing the increasing popularity of the league it just seems a matter of time.

The XFL currently seems to be achieving its goal with perfection. Its primary aim is to capture the football-fanatic audience that lives and breathes the NFL. And the XFL at least till now seems to be doing that.


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Making people skip the Oscar Awards is not a mean feat and the product would have to achieve many such victories to make a place for itself in the market.

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