The Incredible Achievements of John Cena in WWE That Are Hard to Beat

Published 04/23/2021, 9:30 PM EDT

Is there anybody who doesn’t know John Cena? Honestly, it’ll be hard to find someone, especially a wrestling fan, who hasn’t seen a single match featuring the leader of the Cenation.


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He’s had a grand career in WWE and has bagged several achievements during that time.

Here’s a look at his WWE records


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Championships secured

John Cena has been a champion 25 times.

His most famous record is undoubtedly his 16 different reigns with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Additiinally, he has won the United States Championship 5 times, WWE Tag Team Championship 2 times, and World Tag Team Championship 2 times.

Total matches

John Cena holds a record of participating in over 500 matches.

Out of those matches, he won 497, lost 194, and 32 were draw.

Not only is that a record, he holds a record in PPV matches too. He holds the highest percentage for wins at PPVs.

Longest and shortest matches

Cena is known for having records in the shortest and longest matches.

His shortest match was against Chavo Guerrero, which lasted for 45 seconds.

His longest match was against Randy Orton, which lasted for 1 hour and 14 seconds.

John Cena holds an impressive WrestleMania record

The veteran Superstar has competed in 15 WrestleManias. Out of those 15 matches, he won 10 and lost 5.

John Cena holds WWE record apart from wrestling

According to statistics, Cena holds a record of 91 freestyle raps.

Top five most faced opponents

WWE released a report showing John Cena’s top five opponents.

They are Randy Orton, The Big Show, Edge, The Miz, and Kane.

Apart from the above, John Cena has other achievements unrelated to WWE.

He has a thriving Hollywood career, he has authored Best Sellers, and has a record for following back his followers on social media.

Furthermore, he launched books aimed at children and adults which talk about positivity and motivation.

Is John Cena returning to WWE?


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Currently, John Cena is not active in WWE. Everyone believed he would return at WrestleMania 37, but that did not work out because of his shooting schedule in Canada.

Even though he wanted to come to the event, he couldn’t afford the mandatory quarantining considering it would disrupt his schedule.

However, he has opened up about his feelings regarding missing WrestleMania 37. He is proud of the company and the current Superstars for growing the product and taking WWE to new heights.


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