“I Can Break Your F***g Neck With My Little Finger”: WWE Legend Joins Viral Fan Chatter as Creepy ‘White Rabbit’ Trend Runs Rampant

Published 09/24/2022, 11:00 AM EDT

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The ‘White Rabbit’ hints have been creating a massive buzz in the wrestling universe recently. Under the new creative division, WWE seems to be planning something surprising by teasing White Rabbit. 

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This all started when WWE started playing the song “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane during Live Events. Furthermore, WWE brought the mystery on Monday Night RAW. The fans noticed a QR code on the show that puzzled everyone about what WWE is actually planning.


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Recently, the QR Code with the words “Come With Me” written above showed up on the latest episode of SmackDown. It happened while Hit Row and The Street Profits were enjoying their segment. However, FOX Sports WWE Analyst Ryan Satin shared his theory of the White Rabbit, which led to Bray Wyatt.

Satin shared on Twitter about what happens when we scan the QR code that appeared on the blue brand. When we complete the game, it takes us to the coordinates of Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. That’s the venue for this Monday night’s Raw. Also, he added that the word patricide means ‘killing one’s father.’

When you start the game, the first level is the maze in which the background music is similar to The Fiend’s theme song. The song had drums playing alongside in the background.

All these clues make us think it is Bray Wyatt who is returning to WWE at RAW. However, there is another theory as well, with Karrion Kross being the one behind this. Notably, the two-time NXT Champion’s character on El Rey’s channel Lucha Underground program was ‘The White Rabbit’.

Surprisingly, the fans who were at the arena saw posters of White Rabbit with the coordinates on their cars! WWE really wants the fans to be puzzled about who the White Rabbit is and they have achieved success in the same.

There are high speculations that it is Bray Wyatt, but with Karrion Kross also associated with the recent puzzle, the mystery is getting more interesting.

White Rabbit trends among the fans on Twitter

As WWE has puzzled the fans into the mystery about whose return the company teasing for weeks. The fans made wild guesses and most of them are sure it’s Bray Wyatt. Meanwhile, a small group of WWE Universe thinks it’s someone else.

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Except for fans, WWE Legend The Iron Sheik also shared his thoughts on White Rabbit, and of course, in his classic way!


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A fan feels WWE is doing a great job with these hints!

This one shared the video on the latest SmackDown where the White Rabbit song was played.

Another fan shared a theory of how Bray Wyatt is linked with all of this.

White Rabbit posters of the cars of the fans.

By ‘Him’, this one is referring to Bray Wyatt.

A couple of fans think Karrion Kross is the Rabbit.

White Rabbit is even on the WWE Network. It seems this is teasing the return of Bray Wyatt in a big and eerie way.


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What are your thoughts about the Easter eggs WWE has been showing for the past few weeks? Do you think, on the next week’s episode of Raw, we will find out the mystery behind these? Share your thoughts below.

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