The Top 5 Moments From WWE TLC 2020 That You Must Watch

Published 12/21/2020, 11:00 AM EST

Certain moments from WWE TLC 2020 will make you want to go back to the WWE Network and watch it again. Some moments will make you question why you’re a fan of pro wrestling.


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WWE put on an amazing PPV to close out a rather terrible year. These are the Top-5 moments from WWE TLC.

5. New Raw Tag Team Champions crowned at WWE TLC


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The New Day and The Hurt Business wrestled an absolute clinic, but only one team prevailed with the tag titles. The Hurt Business is now holding 3 of Raw’s active male championships.

It almost makes you believe that MVP will beat Drew McIntyre for the title, and the faction would dominate Raw.

Cedric Alexander put in an amazing shift, proving to the world that he isn’t to be taken lightly. Alexander’s newfound aggression since turning heel has done him a world of good. He picked up the win via the Lumbar Check on Kofi Kingston.

It will also be interesting to see where New Day goes from here.

4. McIntyre survives

Drew McIntyre had his work cut out for him with AJ Styles and Omos. What’s more, he certainly did not expect The Miz to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

The WWE Champion and the Phenomenal One put on quite the TLC classic. Styles destroyed McIntyre’s knee, and Drew press slammed his opponent over the ropes and through a table at ringside.

With both champion and challenger down, Miz and John Morrison sprinted to the ring and cashed in the contract. Unfortunately for Miz, Omos put a stop to his hopes and sent him crashing through a table. McIntyre survived a breathless closing stretch to retain the WWE Championship.

3. The Queen returns

Charlotte Flair’s return might just be the shot in the arm that Raw needs. The former NXT Champion has been away since losing her title, and her absence was felt on all 3 brands.

She returned as Asuka’s tag team partner and the duo beat Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Charlotte was more than a welcome replacement for Lana. The latter was becoming increasingly popular with fans, but Raw needs someone with the credibility of Flair to carry the Raw brand into 2021.

2. The Tribal Chief reigns supreme

A tainted victory is still a victory, and what a victory it was for Roman Reigns. Kevin Owens put on an incredible performance, but it just wasn’t enough to put the Tribal Chief away.

With Jey Uso in his corner, Reigns had the numbers advantage over his opponent. Uso played his role to perfection. He became a pest that KO just couldn’t get off his back.

Owens came close to winning the title a couple of times, but Reigns always subdued his attempts. Pure carnage was witnessed in this match, with both men abusing each other with chairs, tables, and ladders. In the end, it was the guillotine choke that finished off KO.

1. Randy Orton sets the Fiend on fire in WWE TLC main event


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The most incredible image that comes out from the WWE TLC is Randy Orton setting The Fiend on fire. While many were expecting a cinematic touch to the main event, the Firefly Inferno match ended up being a standard inferno match where setting your opponent on fire gives you the win.

The Fiend had the Viper in the Mandible Claw and tried to hold him over the fire. Orton turned it around and set the Fiend’s coat ablaze.


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The Fiend rushed into the ring, only to eat an RKO. After that, Orton poured gasoline over The Fiend and set his lifeless body on fire. What better way to end the final PPV of the year than with a homicide.


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