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“I Kinda Had to Learn How to Walk Again”- The Undertaker Opens up on His Battle With Injuries on the Joe Rogan Experience

Published 01/20/2021, 10:57 PM EST

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A thirty-year career in wrestling can have some terrible effects on an individual’s health. This was the case for the Undertaker, who has had more surgeries than he’s held world championships.

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Taker appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he narrated the details of his chronic pain and the battle to mend his injuries.

The Undertaker talks to Joe Rogan about his chronic hip issues


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Undertaker discussed the hip surgery he had in 2010 with Joe Rogan, as the host asked him about the physical toll wrestlers put their body through. In 2010, the Deadman underwent a surgery known as the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. People prefer hip resurfacing more than the traditional hip replacement as it recovers more of the bone, reducing chances of dislocation.

“The ball socket looked like a land mine had gone off on it. I mean, it was just potholes, and I had spurs and cart… and arthritis just filled it up. And they’d only been doing that for about 10 years at that point. So they didn’t have a whole lot of, you know, scientific study on how long these were going to last.”


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Fortunately for the Deadman, the hip resurfacing surgery added ten years into his career.

“I was in pain easily 12 years every step of every day. It was just, you know, I had this searing ‘down the leg’ pain.”

He even talked about how it felt to be pain free after twelve years and explained how the surgery went.

The Deadman had to be taught how to walk again


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Undertaker was the only wrestler to get the hip resurfacing surgery, which meant the strain on his body was harder. He got the second hip surgery five years after the first one where he had to be taught to walk again.

“Only thing then is I kinda had to learn how to walk again. I mean I could walk, but my gait was so screwed up from dragging the leg and everything.”

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Taker revealed that his physicians had him walk backwards on a treadmill in order to fix his gait.


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“When you have an injury, you know, you start to compensate and do things differently,” said the Undertaker.

Listening to the podcast will remind fans about the toll wrestlers go through. Surgeries like hip replacements are meant for people who are significantly older than the Deadman. It is a haunting reminder of the pain Undertaker put himself through to become the most recognized WWE Superstar in the world.



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