The Undertaker has unveiled his list of wrestling legends, and the selection comes with an intriguing twist. Given his status as one of the most iconic wrestlers in history, discovering his perspective on pioneers in the sport adds an extra layer of interest. The Undertaker shared his list on a podcast, notably ranking Dwayne “The Rock “Johnson in his Mount Rushmore list.

The Rock has been one of the most entertaining stars in pro wrestling. The Undertaker speaking on his podcast, named him in his list of top promo guys in the business. However, why did he do it? Let’s find out.

Where does Dwayne Johnson rank in The Undertaker’s list of promo cutters?


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The Undertaker recently acknowledged Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as one of the most eminent figures in the history of wrestling. In a candid discussion on his podcast “Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway,” he revealed some of the tough choices he had to make while compiling his Mount Rushmore of Wrestling promo cutters.


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Before this, The Rock and The Undertaker had a few tag matches, clashed at Survivor Series 1998, and had a casket match. This marked the first extended encounter between the two. These two legends shared the squared circle on multiple occasions.

During the podcast, The Undertaker expressed his admiration for The Rock’s exceptional skills on the microphone, placing him at the third spot on his list. He stated, “My number three is…’If you smell what The Rock is cooking.’ I mean, look, I don’t care whose list you put who on. If you don’t have The Rock on your top four, you’re just crazy.” The Undertaker emphasized The Rock’s creativity, ingenuity, and entertainment value, irrespective of personal opinions about him. 

He concluded, “Like him or hate him, it doesn’t really matter when it came to work on the stick. He’s on my Mount Rushmore, number three.” This revelation adds another accolade to The Rock’s illustrious career, showcasing his profound impact on the world of professional wrestling.

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The Rock and The Undertaker’s rivalry in 1999 during the Attitude Era left a good impact. The Rock won a triple-threat match for a title shot, but their championship encounter.  The Undertaker won, ending the two-month feud, and both legends moved on to other rivalries. Apart from their intense history, in this podcast, The Dead Man revealed other names as well except Rock.

What are the other members in The Undertaker’s Mount Rushmore list?

In that same interview, The Undertaker expanded on his Mount Rushmore list, citing three other names alongside The Rock. Placing Arn Anderson at number 4. He did say, “Anderson had that unique ability to make you feel that you could anticipate what he was going to do in the match.” He designated Dwayne Johnson as the number three.


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Talking about Ric Flair he added, “He’s still cutting promos today, all these years later. The styling and the profiling, rocking the alligator shoes, doing it like only he can do, riding Space Mountain. I mean, he’s got more catchphrases than, uh, Tom Brady’s got Super Bowl rings.” At the second spot, he acknowledged the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Ultimately, he bestowed the number one spot on the Mount Rushmore of great mic workers to the true American Icon. He further stated, “My God the man was a master on the mic uh just a true uh just a true American Icon.” The American Dream Dusty Rhodes bags the top spot. This concluded his list of wrestlers renowned for their exceptional mic skills.


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What are your thoughts on The Undertaker’s list? Do you think putting The Rock as 4th was a good choice? what would have put him as? Comment down below to let us know.

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