The Undertaker Recalls “The Craziest Thing” About Hell in a Cell Match With Mankind

November 24, 2020 6:21 pm

WWE had announced that the latest Broken Skulls Session would feature The Undertaker. Right after Survivor Series and the Deadman’s retirement, the podcast aired.

With Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mark Calaway looked back at some of the most decorated moments of his 30-year career. As Austin and Taker looked at various matches from the Attitude Era, the former stopped and played the infamous 1998 Hell in a Cell match with Mankind.

Often considered the most iconic Hell in a Cell match ever, Foley took two dangerous and highly influential bumps from the top of the cell and received innumerable injuries. Austin watched the match and praised Undertaker’s punches.

Mick Foley with his friend Mark Calaway aka. The Undertaker.

When the first bump happened, Austin said it was never-seen-before, hence so influential. However, ‘The Deadman’ revealed something exciting.

So, I describe this, my perspective o this and as hokey as it may sound, this is the closest, when I threw him off here (the announce table), is the closest to that I’ve ever had an out-of-body experience. Because when I’m up there, I can see him flying through the air. Although it was only a second or however long it took, it seemed like it took forever for him to hit the table.

As I threw him off, I could see myself standing there, and I could see him flying through the air. It was the craziest thing,” Taker concluded.

The Undertaker never wanted to throw Mick Foley.

During the match and the first bump, Foley fell from a height of 16–22 ft (4.9–6.7 m) and was going out. However, he came back and took another bump.

Undertaker was wrestling with a broken foot, and Foley dislocated his shoulder from the fall. However, the Undertaker choke slammed Mankind atop the chain-link mesh cage, causing one panel to give way completely, resulting in Foley falling through and hitting the ring below.

However, Foley continued the match and left the building. The Undertaker revealed he never wanted the fall to occur, and Foley convinced Vince McMahon otherwise.

“I didn’t want to throw Mick off the top of the cell,” Undertaker said on the podcast. “Mick did. And I kept telling Mick, ‘No, I’m not doing it. I won’t do it.’ But Mick went to Vince [McMahon] and sold Vince on it and told him, ‘I can do it safe, I can be all right.’ So they double-teamed there, and we know how that turned out.”

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