“The Final Bell Tolls”- The Undertaker Sends a Final Message to This Fans

November 24, 2020 8:27 am

At WWE Survivor Series, The Undertaker donned the coat and black hat for one last time in his career. November 22nd, 2020 was the last time The Deadman would ever step foot in the WWE ring.

Post his farewell, Callaway took to Instagram to send a message to the WWE Universe. The ‘final bell tolls’ caption clearly indicates this is the last we will ever see of ‘The Reaper.’


Vince McMahon did everything within his power to give The Undertaker the best farewell he could. A long string of WWE Legends and Hall of Famers were called, including his kayfabe brother Kane.

They gave the Phenom a WrestleMania worthy entrance with next level pyros and top-class features of the ThunderDome. The Reaper spoke about putting souls to rest over the years; however, it was finally time to make The Undertaker ‘Rest in Peace’.

Just before he left, he paid tribute to the late and legendary, Paul Bearer. The Deadman was seen on screen for one last time as the cowboy went away into the sunset.

Backstage interactions of The Undertaker with other members

The Deadman has frequently used the saying “never say never” in the context of his in-ring return. However, according to Paul Davis from Wrestling news, The Phenom has told everyone backstage he is not wrestling again.

It was very hard for the chairman Vince McMahon to let the Character of The Undertaker die. However, it is confirmed McMahon won’t ask Undertaker for another match. The chairman has finally decided that it is time to call it a day on the character of The Undertaker.

It is also reported that there were a lot of tears backstage. There was also a lot of footage shot backstage, which could be seen on the WWE Network original ‘Behind The Scenes’ special.

While Undertaker has claimed he doesn’t have the desire to wrestle again, people feel he will return as WWE have a show for Saudi Arabia somewhere in near future.

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