The Undertaker Takes a Funny Dig at Vince McMahon at the WWE Hall of Fame

Published 04/02/2022, 3:30 PM EDT

Vince McMahon inducted The Undertaker into the WWE Hall of Fame 2022. While The Boss of WWE was giving his speech, he shared many stories of The Undertaker from back in the day.


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Vince McMahon also listed a few names with whom he booked The Phenom had competed. Some names were Kane, The Great Khali, Giant Gonzalez, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and many more.


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Vince McMahon talked about the greatness of The Deadman and also thanked him in his induction speech for the Undertaker.

The Undertaker talks about Taker-Roonie

Sometime back Vince McMahon appeared on The Pat McAfee Show. The Chairman of WWE stated that he tried many times to make The Undertaker break character on live TV. The major highlight of it was the Taker-Roonie. 

The Deadman, while giving his speech, addressed this incident by taking a dig at Vince McMahon in a funny way. He said, “And while you did get over of me sometime that I want to admit. I can stand up here tonight and proudly say you never got me to do the Taker-Roonie.”

WWE shared a post on their Twitter account about this segment. They were quick to search and post it. The tweet said, “Could Mr. McMahon convince @undertaker  to perform the @BookerT5X Spinaroonie? 😂”

Over, the years, many WWE superstars tried to make The Undertaker break his character. However, apart from Vince McMahon, only JBL and The Godfather came close to doing so.


“Never Say Never”: The Undertaker Breaks Down at the WWE Hall of Fame

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The Hall of Fame ceremony this year was an event with mixed feelings. Fans cried, laughed, and thoroughly enjoyed the show. We got to see Vader finally inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame along with Shad Gaspard, who was the Warrior Award recipient.

The Undertaker, though, was undoubtedly the highlight of the evening.

The Deadman almost smiled on Live TV

While many WWE wrestlers have tried to make The Undertaker break character, very few have come close to doing so. Vince McMahon, JBL, and The Godfather were almost successful in making Undertaker laugh on Live TV.

When The Phenom was portraying himself as The American Badass, he showed various emotions but never broke the base character of The Deadman. When The Undertaker returned as the Deadman, JBL tried to make The Deadman break character.


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JBL in his promo talked about the recent caravan tour on which Taker had gone with his family during that time and how the Caravan broke out in the middle of nowhere.

Take almost about laughed following this story, but controlled himself hard.


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The Undertaker is a true professional who loves the pro-wrestling business and with this Hall of Fame induction, he finally got his deserving spot in the WWE Hall Of Fame.



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