Punk has been extremely critical about WWE’s inability to innovate with its matches and performances. This is why it was interesting to hear his opinion on the new idea which had been offered as new entertainment.

He also recognized the difficulty of headlining such a hard match to pull off, and credited the young wrestlers for their efforts. 

CM Punk gives his thoughts on the fight pit


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Punk expressed his observations about the match and gave fans and viewers his opinion on the whole idea behind it.

“I liked it and hated it. Shocking, right? When I hear fight pit, I’m not thinking of a wrestling cage match. I didn’t need the platform on the top. Sometimes they do different things just to do different things,” said Punk.

Punk further explained what he thought the match should have been like, to make it more interesting for fans. “These two could have gone out there, taken the ropes off the ring, and a worked shoot fight. It’s a hard style to work, he explained.

Punk had a brief stint in the UFC, which admittedly wasn’t that notable in the long run, so we know he respects hard fighters. He seemed to have some respect for what Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher did inside the pit.

The most spectacular moment from the bout was Riddle connecting a rebound kick to Thatcher’s face, which caused his teeth to fall out. 

Punk credited the two stars for putting on a good show saying, “There were some elements I liked and they did things well, some elements I didn’t like.


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“It’s difficult to do in sports entertainment. I appreciated Riddle giving Thatcher the rub. There’s some interesting things for Riddle on SmackDown.

The bout was refereed by Kurt Angle, who almost became Matt Riddle’s manager on Smackdown. Riddle is a former UFC fighter, who may have a bright future in the WWE.

He may soon leave NXT, as he is rumored to be promoted to the main roster on Smackdown. He was introduced by WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle himself, who seemed excited at Riddle’s potential as a pro-wrestler.


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