“They Break Records, Not Me”: Dwayne Johnson Offers Humble Response as WWE Updates Record-Breaking Achievement After the Rock’s Raw Return

Published 01/06/2024, 2:15 AM EST

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This week on Raw Day 1, Dwayne Johnson hit the comeback trail as he was able to overwhelm the city of San Diego. Well, his huge comeback, nearly three months later, left a significant impact on the WWE universe.

Moreover, ‘DJ’ has already shared a few posts on his social media handles. More surprising was the fact that the clip of his return took the crown in records a few days ago. As per our last coverage, the clip amassed nearly 83 million views across WWE’s social media platforms. But a few more benchmarks were shattered further, as it has now reached the 171 million mark. And now Johnson is crediting the fans for that.

Dwayne Johnson’s sign of humility


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Dwayne Johnson’s humility is unconcealed! The fact that he never brags about himself but gives credit to others does indeed make him a special guy. He showed the same gesture recently as he reshared WWE’s post that highlighted his record-breaking feat on social media. But his intention was not to flaunt his achievement but to thank the fans.

With utmost excitement, he wrote, “Amazing stuff. This is all thanks to the people. They break records, not me. I just try and look cool, not screw up and not cuss too much” No two ways about it, this is one of the major reasons why Dwayne Johnson is the biggest icon for not only wrestling fans but for many around the globe. Well, this degree of fanfare is certainly not new for a guy like him as the same was witnessed when he made his comeback in September.


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The same scenario was witnessed on September 15th

The September 15th episode of SmackDown started off with the return of Pat McAfee, but the spotlight magnet was Dwayne Johnson. As we witnessed Jinder Mahal falling prey to The Rock on RAW, in the episode of SmackDown, it was Austin Theory who couldn’t dodge the devastation of ‘The People’s Elbow’.


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That was indeed a monumental occasion, as the clip of his comeback was watched over 103 million times on social media, as per WWE. It was the highest at that time until CM Punk came and garnered 40 million views in just 24 hours, due to which his return was the most-watched video in a single day.


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But Johnson’s recent return on Day 1, convincingly crossed Punk’s record as it gained nearly 83 million views across the company’s all social media platforms in 24 hours. Does this hint how big of a personality ‘DJ’ is? Comment down below.

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