Wrestling fans have a favorite pastime of putting performers of a particular era to another one in their imaginations. What happened if Hulk Hogan was in his prime in the Attitude Era or what if John Cena existed back in the 80s? The Attitude Era in particular is considered one of the best times for sports entertainment. The Dwayne Johnson and Stone Cold rivalry from the time are still remembered fondly. However, a current WWE superstar feels the feud won’t work in today’s day and age. While Johnson went on and created a successful career in Hollywood, Stone Cold retired just around the time. He made his long and much-anticipated return to the ring in WrestleMania. He tamed Kevin Owens after weeks of blabbering from The Prizefighter. A terrific heel of today’s time, Baron Corbin feels the epic rivalry might not have worked in today’s time.

Corbin replied to a tweet on Hurricane’s shock victory over The Rock after interference from The Rattlesnake. He posted, “Today the internet would be mad and say they just buried the rock“. The comments made by the performer do hold some merit, especially after the advent of social media. While it’s hard to judge what would have actually happened.

Fans react to WWE superstar’s comment


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Fans were quick to respond to The Modern Day Wrestling God’s post. They took to social media in numbers in order to provide their views.

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These are some of the top comments:

Corbin has aligned himself with legend JBL for the past few months. And the duo has impressed many with their impeccable chemistry and villainous prowess.


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Both the manager and performer seem a good fit together. It’s interesting to see their impressive work week after week on RAW.

Dwayne Johnson and Stone Cold had a great rivalry

The days of kayfabe are largely over with many spoilers available on the web. And fans are quick to deem anyone a success or failure. The charm of long-term storytelling has diminished quite a bit. But the anti-authority figure of The Rattlesnake and the impressive mic skills of The People’s Champ would still be relevant in today’s day and age. Wrestling might have changed a lot, but the basic skills required to get over largely remain the same.


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Dwayne Johnson and Stone Cold’s rivalry definitely is one for the ages. But comparing two different eras by Baron Corbin isn’t a good idea. Each time has its own charm, be it the early 2000s or the 2020s. Both eras have their own pros and cons and should be left separated from each other.

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