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“They’re Slowly Killing The Fiend” – John Cena Sr. Makes a Daring Statement on WWE’s Booking

Published 04/25/2021, 8:00 AM EDT

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Two weeks have passed since WrestleMania 37, but we’re still talking about it, especially about The Fiend vs Randy Orton match. Speaking of the Randy Orton versus Fiend match, no one expected Orton to walk out victorious. But he did! However, there is someone who thinks these losses are only tarnishing The Fiend’s image, and it is John Cena Sr.

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John Cena Sr. feels WWE is slowly killing The Fiend


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During his recent appearance on Boston Wrestling MWF, John Cena Sr. talked about the Randy Orton-Fiend match from WrestleMania 37. He also talked about how WWE is hurting Bray Wyatt’s Fiend character. Plus, he also raised questions on the finish of the Orton-Fiend match.

Speaking about the finish, Cena Sr. said, “Who thinks of these things? Who thinks it’s funny? Who thinks its meaningful? Tell me, what was the purpose of that? What’s gonna happen? How do you carry that forward? I don’t get this.” He continued, “What they’re doing slowly, and I don’t care what anybody says, I maybe out of line, again, but they’re slowly killing The Fiend.”


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Cena Sr. further said that he thinks The Fiend is one of the best characters of all time. In fact, he even called him the new Undertaker but also added that the WWE refuses to look at him that way.

Cena Sr. also shared that he told Bray Wyatt when he first met him, that he’s got one of the best gimmicks in the business.

The 16-time World Champion’s father even explained how WWE could’ve made Bray Wyatt a greater entity with a nice, long, and meaningful feud with The Undertaker. Sadly, that never happened, and all we saw is a watered down feud during Wyatt’s early days on the main roster that culminated at WrestleMania 31.

John Cena Sr. also thinks WWE is doing a big disservice to Randy Orton, a much bigger disservice to The Fiend, and the biggest disservice to Alexa Bliss. He has no idea if Alexa Bliss is going to comeback from this.

John Cena Sr. not a fan of Bray Wyatt losing matches

Cena Sr. doesn’t worry before saying anything. He speaks his mind, and it makes sense most of the times! During the discussion about The Fiend-Orton match from WrestleMania, Cena Sr. expressed his disappointment with the WWE for making The Fiend lose like that.

He said, “They are taking Bray Wyatt and making him a complete idiot. Sorry to say it, that young man and that character has so much going for it.”  



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Cena said that the addition of Sister Abigail to the Wyatt Family would’ve been a great idea. He concluded,  “And then they bring in The Fiend going like hell, right? Then what happens to that? Now he’s losing, losing, losing, losing.”

John Cena Sr. isn’t the first person to say this. Last week, UFC Legend Daniel Cormier also talked about the fact that The Fiend shouldn’t be losing at all. And we’re sure this is what majority of fans across the globe feel as well!


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The Undertaker would’ve never been The Undertaker if it wasn’t for Mr. McMahon trusting Mark Callaway and keeping faith in the character he was portraying. Bray Wyatt needs just that, and we hope he does get it soon.

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