The Judgment Day has been a dominant faction since last year. Their record on the roster has impressed a 33-year-old star very much and thus he has been eyeing a spot in the dark faction. In fact, he has been auditing to become a member of the stable for quite some time now.

Yes, the person in question here is none other than JD McDonagh, who has been asking The Judgment Day to induct him into their faction. While others are not so bothered by this idea, Damian Priest is particularly not fond of him. For weeks now, he has bullied McDonagh, but the latter has been nothing but stoic toward his behavior.

How long is JD McDonagh going to tolerate Damian Priest’s insults?


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From the very first day, McDonagh has proved his loyalty to the faction. He has helped the Judgment Day many times inside the ring and even endured humiliation and pain for them. Dominik Mysterio, Rhea Ripley, and particularly Finn Balor have no problem with him.


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However, for some reason, Preist is not ready to accept him into the family. On the recent edition of Monday Night Raw, he once again lashed out at McDonagh while all he was doing was helping him by providing him with ideas to deal with his problems. But Priest chose to humiliate him by chiding him.

Sharing a photo of the segment when Preist was at him, McDonagh dropped a tweet on Twitter. The caption was a squinty eye emoji, implying that he was not happy with how Priest behaved with him. However, what can he even do? Preist is an internal part of the Judgment Day. Therefore, to win the group, he must put up with Señor Money in the Bank. Thankfully, Mami was there to save him from the 41-year-old’s bullying this time.

Rhea Ripley saves McDonagh from Priest’s bullying


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Damian Priest was pissed off at Adam Pierce booking Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso vs him and Finn Balor for Fastlane. He vented out his frustration backstage when McDonagh interrupted him to give him a sound piece of advice.

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An irate Priest chose not to listen to him and insulted him in the process. But Mami came for the save. She asked Priest to remain calm and logically think about McDonagh’s idea, which was as if it sounded good to her. McDonagh proposed to divide and conquer, implying to drive a wedge between the Sami Zayn-Kevin Owen’s team and Rhodes-Uso’s team.


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Ripley liked the idea and gave it a green light. Just like McDonagh, she also believes that Uso and Rhodes going after the undisputed tag team titles will divide them and Zayn and Owens. Tell us what you think of how Preist treats McDonagh. We would love to hear from you.

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