“This is Cinema”: Fans Go Wild As The Usos Tease an Internal Rivalry in The Bloodline

Published 10/29/2022, 8:30 AM EDT

The one thing that fans have pointed out in the modern era of wrestling is that Roman Reigns’ return has been the best thing in a while. The storyline of Reigns building the Bloodline and Paul Heyman around him has been the most enthralling part of SmackDown. But the ones who most benefitted from this storyline and Bloodline were undoubtedly The Usos.


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As we all know that WWE doesn’t have the best tag team division since the PG era, The Usos made the best out of what they had before The Bloodline. But since tagging along with Roman Reigns, they have been on a blast. The storyline started when Jey Uso challenged Reigns for the title but kept losing until Jimmy Uso returned. Then the two brothers joined Reigns, which led to The Bloodline’s formation.


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Since then, they have been on a winning spree. Holding both the Raw and SmackDown tag team titles, the brothers are on a record-breaking run just like their cousin, Roman Reigns. Not only has the storyline improved a lot, but their wrestling abilities are on full display. Their match against The Street Profits at Money in The Bank is one of the best WWE matches this year.

But after all that, the recent breakdowns between Sami Zayn and Jey Uso have led the brothers to face each other. While there haven’t been any punches thrown just yet, the story is heading toward it and the fans are living for it.

Fans go crazy as The Usos stare down at each other on a recent WWE SmackDown

The WWE fandom had a lot to talk about Sami Zayn’s acting or Reigns laughing in the segment. But this interaction between the brothers caught the eye of many fans.

This is exactly what happens when you let go of wrestlers to show off their acting chops in the ring.

It is not just the quality of the scenes but the consistency of it as well, that impresses fans.

The Bloodline is attracting fans left and right and making old fans come back to their TVs.

The Usos and the entire Bloodline stable are making some of the best moments in the ring without doing or saying anything.

Cody Rhodes vs Dustin Rhodes was one of the best storylines from the early period of AEW, and the same thing could work wonders for these brothers as well.

Fans want to make their own cake and eat it too!

It’ll be an absolute classic if these two face each other.


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WrestleMania 39 has a lot of space for the two to square off, so Triple H should definitely take notice.


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