On March 2, 2020, Broken One’s contract with the Stamford-based federation expired, with the athlete deciding not to renew and to leave the company permanently. After his WWE experience, the eldest of the Hardy brothers joined All Elite Wrestling, debuting on the March 18 episode of AEW Dynamite.

But it looks like Matt Hardy will be making his return to the WWE again. At least, that is what is being speculated, and equally hinted at by the Broken One. And the recent RAW glitch somewhat confirms that the elder Hardy is making his way back to the WWE. But how does it confirm the return you may ask? Well, hold on tight for this topsy-turvy storyline.

The Hardy’s return to the WWE


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The dream team with Uncle Howdy

In 2023, the wrestling world was completely shattered. Unfortunately, Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque announced through his X account, that WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt, had passed away. Before his death, Wyatt was involved in a storyline with Uncle Howdy (Bo Dallas) where the two were cooperating. But his death also led to the character of Howdy going off the screen as well. But rumors of his return came to light after at the end of Bray Wyatt’s documentary, a brief clip of Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy is shown.

But how is this related to Matt Hardy? Well, Hardy was a former tag team partner of Bray Wyatt. And the WWE might be planning to bring the broken character to work with Howdy, as he did with the Eater of the Worlds. And this theory is further proved by our next piece of evidence.

Hardy’s Twitter posts

Matt Hardy has been teasing a return through throwback clips of himself from his WWE days. But tonight, he uploaded two posts that somewhat confirm his arrival. First, Matt Hardy decided to share the clip of the glitch on his Twitter feed.

And if you have noticed, the QR glitch featured a bird as one of the two symbols in it. Well, guess what? Matt Hardy’s post right before the glitch was a random picture of him standing against a wall with graffiti of large wings on it. And in the caption he wrote, “Spreading my wings”.


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And that’s not all. There is another major factor to take into consideration here.

Matt Hardy is now a free agent

Yes, you read it right. Matt Hardy did not renew his contract with All Elite Wrestling. After months of playing ‘will he, will he not’, the elder Hardy decided not to renew his contract with AEW. And this comes days after his appearance on RAW that sparked the return rumors in the first place.


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So it looks like he will be making his much-awaited return. Matt Hardy’s journey through WWE over the past decade was very remarkable. Returning to the company in 2017 with his brother Jeff, the relationship with fans and his new attitude stood out above his old stint with the company. In 2020, the eldest of The Hardy Boyz announced his departure from WWE due to creative differences, but maybe this time he would be enjoying his possible final run in pro wrestling.

What do you think? Based on what we could gather, is Hardy making his return? Let us know in the comments.