Throwback to Roman Reigns’ First Ever Hell in a Cell Match vs Bray Wyatt

October 22, 2020 6:01 pm

Roman Reigns has been a part of three Hell in a Cell matches in his already incredible WWE career. Each match varied in quality.

The match against Braun Strowman ended in a lame no contest after Brock Lesnar interrupted and assaulted both men. The match against Rusev was a burial of the Bulgarian Brute, but had a cool ending as Reigns speared Rusev off the steel steps. However, his first Hell in a Cell match against Bray Wyatt is his best match in the cell.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt: Hell in a Cell 2015

Roman’s Hell in a Cell match against Wyatt is highly underrated. An incredible Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar main event overshadowed their classic battle. Lesnar’s win over Taker was one of the most brutal Hell in a Cell matches, but Reigns vs Wyatt more than held its own. With some incredible spots and a tangible animosity between the two, it made for an incredibly physical battle.

The match began with both men throwing heavy right hands at each other. Wyatt was the first to be introduced to the cell wall, but turned the tables on Roman with a vicious kendo stick shot to Reigns’ skull. From then onwards, the match turned into a straight up brawl with weapons.

A brutal weapon filled brawl

Wyatt introduced more kendo sticks into the blood bath. He jammed them into the corner of the cell and drove Reigns head first into them. However, Reigns regained control and set up two tables between the ring and the cell. Consequently, Wyatt turned the tables on Reigns and hit him with a uranage through the table. Reigns would get revenge on Wyatt by hitting him with a powerbomb through a table in the ring.

The best spot of the match came when Roman Reigns speared Bray Wyatt off the apron through a table propped up between the ring and the cell. Reigns was able to hit another spear in the ring and secure the win in his first ever Hell in a Cell match.

Reigns moved on from Wyatt to win the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. On the other hand, Wyatt started a feud with the Brothers of Destruction by kidnapping the Undertaker after his loss to Brock Lesnar.

Roman Reigns now faces his cousin Jey Uso at Hell in a Cell. The match fueled by intense storytelling has an ‘I Quit’ stipulation attached to the Hell in a Cell stipulation. Although Roman’s match with Wyatt was superb, his match against Jey Uso has the potential to be the best match of his illustrious career.

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