Logan Paul is WWE’s way of accessing a wider range of audience because of the approach he has outside of the regular wrestling fanbase. The now full-time wrestler has an undoubtedly huge fanbase and WWE recently allowed him to utilize it to announce a future PLE ahead of time to start generating the hype.

The social media influencer, without holding back, announced the date, venue, and city for SummerSlam 2024. Logan Paul also revealed the famous personalities that could also be there at the summer PLE this year. He wants to make this the biggest event for his home city and his excitement shows promise.

Logan Paul is excited to bring WWE into his hometown


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A few weeks ago, Logan Paul switched his WWE contract to that of a ‘full-timer’ as he announced the same in a video on Instagram before Royal Rumble 2024. His status in the company has potentially allowed WWE to give him more responsible tasks. In a clip from an upcoming Impaulsive episode, Paul revealed that the Stamford-based company allowed him the honor to promote SummerSlam this year.

The PLE will take place on August 3rd this year and Paul further detailed, “WWE SummerSlam will be hosted in Cleveland, Ohio this year. Cleveland, where I’m from. We’re bringing it back at the Cleveland Brown Stadium which is crazy.

The YouTuber also confessed the many stars that he wants to invite there. Paul said, “I wanna bring my brother Jake [Paul], I want MGK to be there, I want the Kelce brothers to be there.” He also added, “Oh, Dave Chappelle will absolutely be there.

Logan Paul has big hopes for the coming SummerSlam. This would be the first time since 1999 that SummerSlam will be hosted in Cleveland, Ohio; the hometown of the popular internet personality.

The wrestler was shooting this podcast episode with his friend KSI, who was recently spotted with a neck brace after receiving an RKO.


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Logan Paul’s friend seems to be doing much better

On the last Friday Night SmackDown episode, Logan Paul returned and started feuding with The Viper. He had also brought a guest with him, and that was his Prime partner, KSI. In a promo during the blue brand show, KSI was hit with an RKO during one of the spots. It was well received by many many fans. However, later, a backstage clip showed that KSI had a neck brace on him, suggesting a potential injury.

But now, seeing him in the clip, we can see that he is clearly doing better and already meeting up with his WWE friend.


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Which out of all the stars mentioned do you think will be able to join SummerSlam 2024?