Pro wrestling as a sport is full of records and stats that ardent fans follow very closely. While most of these records generally make the superstars proud, a new record was created on Monday which neither the wrestlers nor Triple H are proud of.

This record is something that has definitely shaken the think tanks at the WWE.

The main event match on 30th October got the least amount of viewers in the history of RAW 


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The viewership for any sporting event compared to previous years determines whether it is a success or not. Just like the viewership for NXT was more than that of AEW for the Tuesday Night War, thus clearly making WWE the winner that night. WWE NXT bagged 921,000 viewers, while AEW had an audience of about 609,000 in the same demographic.

On the same scale, a RAW episode gets an average of 1.6+ million viewers every week. But this week’s RAW’s viewership numbers were much below the average. 1.391 million viewers viewed the 30th October episode of RAW. This number showcased a drop of almost 200,000 viewers. And not just the show, even the main event match between Sami Zayn and Damian Priest couldn’t increase the numbers. And this paltry viewership for the main event broke a very embarrassing record for the WWE.

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According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio, the main event match could only garner 1.2 million viewers, the lowest ever in the history of RAW. Meltzer said on the weekly podcast, “One of the things that RAW did set a record for is the Damian Priest and Sami Zayn match, which did 1.2 million viewers, was the least-watched main event in the history of RAW, ever”.

But what was the main reason for such a drop in viewership?

NFL and MLB also showcased some massive games on Monday night


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The last week of October has been quite heavy as far as American sporting events are concerned. The World Series kicked off on 27th October and Game 3 of the series took place on 30th October in prime time.

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The viewership for that baseball game was around 8.1 million viewers on Fox. In the NFL, the Detroit Lions beat the Las Vegas Raiders on a spectacular edition of Monday Night Football.


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The viewership for this match was around 15.2 million viewers on ESPN and ABC. But what are your opinions on the main event match for RAW getting the lowest viewership ever? Do you think its a one-time thing or is it an indication of declining numbers? Let us know in the comments section below.