Triple H Says He Begged Vince McMahon To Be on His First Ever WWE Card – “Night I’ll Never Forget”

Published 05/14/2021, 7:30 AM EDT
Triple H celebrates his victory at WrestleMania X8 (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

Triple H has had an illustrious career both inside and outside the WWE ring. Recently, “The King of Kings” shared an unknown piece of information about his very first match in the company.


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The multi-time world champion and executive started his career with WWE’s main rival, WCW. Although he met Vince McMahon earlier to switch sides to WWE (then WWF), that plan did not come to fruition until WCW Starrcade 1994.

While most fans know that Triple H made his debut as Hunter Hearst Helmsley against Buck Zumhofe, that was not his first match. His first match was a very special one.


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HHH debuted in WWE at a star-studded event. Titled “A Night to Remember”, it was the final WWF card held at the Boston Garden before the arena’s demolition three years later.

The card from that night featured the likes of The Undertaker, Jerry Lawler, Bret Hart, British Bull Dog, Jeff Jarrett, Razor Ramon, Sid, and Diesel to name a few. Triple H was part of the opening match of the event.

In a recent Tweet, ‘The Game’ recalled the night. He was signed with WWE but still was on a non-compete clause from WCW. Hence, he called official JJ Dillion “& begged him & Vince to let me work this card & flew himself in.”


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It was also the first time Helmsley’s father, a Boston native, saw him wrestle.

“Brought my dad, 1st time he ever saw me wrestle for a big promotion live & at Boston Garden where he watched as a kid. The night I’ll never forget!” he concluded.


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He defeated Phil/Ray Apollo. Unfortunately, Triple H’s match did not make it to the final recording of the event, like many other appearances.

Steve Austin recalls Triple H at WrestleMania 17

Many fans don’t know about the friendship between “The Rattle Snake” and “The Game.” Despite his differences with Vince McMahon, Austin shares a great relationship with the former’s son-in-law.

The duo met in WCW and had many things in common. “We didn’t travel roads together, but we were on the same page,” Austin said on Drew McIntyre’s “Drew & A” interview. “We both loved bodybuilding, powerlifting. He’s a great worker, a good mind for the business.”

Austin revealed his favorite WrestleMania entrance was Triple H’s WM 17 one. Motörhead was playing his entrance theme live there as he walked out to face The Undertaker.

“He walks out, and he’s all jacked up, he looks like a million bucks. He acknowledges Lemmy, and Lemmy just keeps on rocking because he’s in the zone. And then Triple H power-walks down to the ring because Undertaker’s fixing to follow suit on his entrance, and they were working together.

“It was the greatest entrance I’ve ever seen at a WrestleMania, and he’s had many great ones as many other ones have too, but that one was so electric,” Austin concluded.


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