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UFC and WWE have seen a lot of interactions in the past. The talents working in both promotions have been exchanged between the two. Brock Lesnar was the first pro wrestler from WWE to join the UFC. So, there was excitement when ‘The Beast Incarnate’ decided to step foot into the octagon. However, that’s not exactly how the story started.

You might be shocked to know that Lesnar never saw himself as a fighter. Years before he joined the MMA promotion, an interview revealed what Lesnar thought about UFC. When asked whether he would ever be a part of the company, he gave a shocking reply.

What did Brock Lesnar have to say about the UFC?


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‘The Beast’ joined OVW wrestling back in the year 2000. This was a developmental promotion for WWE. So, Lesnar continued his tenure at OVW until his first WWE match. During his OVW days in 2001, he sat down for an interview with Dave Meltzer. Somewhere in the middle of the interview, there were also other reporters who were free to question both Meltzer and Lesnar.


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When one of them asked him whether he would consider being a talent for the UFC, Lesnar had an unexpected reply. Upon hearing the question whether he is thinking of taking his talents to Dana White‘s UFC, The Beast Incarnate replied, “No. Not even a thought in my mind about that. Not at all.

The pro wrestler was clearly repelled by the idea of fighting in the octagon. However, as we all know, years later he eventually found his way into the MMA world and made a name for himself.

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What factors were responsible for making Lesnar take this U-turn? And was his switch to the UFC worth it?

Was Brock Lesnar’s switch to UFC an important event?

Lesnar debuted on WWE’s main roster in 2002. Even after quickly reaching the top, he left the promotion in 2004. Lesnar then went on to try his luck in several industries. The wrestler became an NFL athlete quickly after leaving WWE. After being unable to make the ranks for the Minnesota Vikings, he came back to the world of pro wrestling even visiting Japan during this time.


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In 2008, he finally made his UFC debut. Perhaps one of the factors that were responsible for making him turn to UFC was that Lesnar wanted to see what profession fits him perfectly. Whatever the reason may have been, some WWE personalities believe that Lesnar joining UFC was much needed. Lesnar made an impressive UFC debut in a losing effort to Frank Mir. But he quickly rose to the top and became the UFC Heavyweight Champion in just his third fight in the promotion.

After a battle with diverticulitis and ending his UFC career with a defeat, he returned to WWE in 2012 and has been a mainstay in the company ever since.


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Do you like the fact Lesnar was once a UFC fighter? Or would you have rather had him stick to his old interview statement?

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