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“Soaking Wet Travis Scott”: Nate Diaz Details Frustrations With Dwayne Johnson’s Project Rock Deal After UFC 279

Published 09/11/2022, 9:15 AM EDT

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Dwayne Johnson is a worldwide star and a business now. His venture, Project Rock, the collection of men’s and women’s workout apparel and accessories, is the official footwear sponsor of the UFC.

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After this news circulated, there were mixed reactions from the fans and UFC fighters across the spectrum. One UFC fighter, in particular, Nate Diaz, is vocal about disliking the footwear of Johnson’s brand.


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Recently, after the match between Nate Diaz and Tony Ferguson, Diaz appeared at the UFC 279 post-fight conference. Diaz again took a shot at Project Rock footwear, which will be considered as taking a shot at Dwayne Johnson directly.

Diaz said, “I f*cked up my leg fighting Tony. I blocked f*ckload of kicks. My leg blew like humongous and I put this f*uking ice on my shoe because I had a ball on my shin. It dripped down my whole sock and sucked my whole f*cking shoe.”

He added, “What the f*ck? This is a soaking wet Travis Scott. They should have given these to walk out”

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Diaz praised Tavis Scott’s brand footwear in the press conference. This was not the first time Diablo took a shot at Project Rock footwear. A few hours ago, he talked about disliking Johnson’s brand.

Ahead of the fight, Diaz in an interview with ESPN said, “These shoes f***ing s**k. Look at these shoes they made me put this sh*t on.”

However, this part was cut down from the original interview video. A Twitter user later shared this part in his tweet.

What is the actual dispute between Nate Diaz and Dwayne Johnson?

The quarrel between Nate Diaz and Dwayne Johnson started when The Rock came to UFC 244 to introduce the BMF Championship. They set the match between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal. However, after losing against Masvidal, he got furious at The Rock.


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Diaz goes off during the post-fight news conference about The Rock supporting Masvidal. He stated: “He’s on that side. F*** him. I’m on the West Coast side. Mike Tyson should’ve been here, anyway. He’s the baddest man on the planet, right?… He should’ve been the one over here.”

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Moreover, Johnson later gave his opinion of Diablo’s comments. The Rock said that he often trained with Masvidal and has a connection to him from Miami. So he claims Diaz’s anger didn’t shock him. Since then there have been instances when the 37-old UFC fighter took shots at The Rock and yet again he did the same.

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