Renee Young Hopes For The Arrival Of Major UFC Fighter In WWE

July 13, 2020 2:10 pm

MMA fighters have been making there way to the WWE ring quite a few times as the years go by. In a recent post on Twitter, WWE’s Renee Young hinted at the possibility of yet another Fighter joining WWE in the near future.

After her loss on Saturday to Amanda Ribas, Paige VanZant may have a lot of things going through her mind.

If she possibly decides that her career in UFC is over, there is no doubt that she will turn her head to the embracing arms of WWE.

In past interviews, VanZant has revealed her interest in WWE. She also sees it as a welcome change as soon as she decides that she’s had enough of UFC.

In 2018 on MMA Weekly, VanZant spoke about the topic briefly. 

“I’m not ready to leave the UFC just yet. I love being a professional fighter and I still have a long career ahead of me. I also think the WWE is an amazing organization and it’s a very athletic entertainment industry which would suit me,” admits VanZant. 

“There’s probably huge potential for a crossover down the line and of course I’m a big fan of what they do, so it would be great to be a part of. I got the opportunity to talk to Stephanie for a little bit on Tuesday which was great,” says VanZant.

Paige VanZant will have to hold back a lot at WWE

The UFC 251 loss may or may not be the last straw. However, Renee Young did drop that delicious hint on Twitter. Although there’s one small obstacle in Renee Young’s wish coming to fruition.

VanZant may be ready for WWE, but is WWE ready for her? Ronda Rousey was of a similar persuasion, joining the company after she called it on her days in MMA.

Rousey proved far too physical and aggressive for the Superstars she faced, and that problem was brought to light after one of her matches against Alexa Bliss.

VanZant will have to dial it down a notch if she is to wrestle in WWE. She has to ask herself if she’s ready to do that yet.

As of now, VanZant hasn’t made any statement regarding her future in UFC. WWE fans will still only have to speculate about her arrival sometime in the year or the next.

Thinking about it does sound great. The amount of possible storylines that could open up with her arrival is vast. We will only have to wait and watch VanZant’s next step eagerly.

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