During the last episode of Monday Night RAW, fans got to see the contents of the VHS tape Nikki Cross delivered to Michael Cole. In what is now called an absolute masterclass in storytelling, the video showed Bo Dallas talking to Uncle Howdy. The video covered his grief over losing his brother, Bray Wyatt, and hinted at the origins of Howdy and the Wyatt 6. With the new episode of RAW, fans were expecting another VHS tape, and Howdy delivered. However, this tape had more than fans were expecting.

Since the WWE announced their idea to bring back the Uncle Howdy character along with Dallas, fans believed Dallas would be reprising his role as the masked figure. He did so when Howdy debuted to help Bray Wyatt. However, when the first VHS tape was played, the narrative changed. When fans saw Dallas talking to Howdy, the theory arose that it could be someone else under the mask.

Since their return on RAW after Clash at the Castle, there have been only five members, including Howdy. Fans theorized that Dallas would be the sixth. But this new VHS tape changed that. Similar to the last one, Dallas was sitting down with Howdy in what looked like a continuation of their previous session. They talked about Dallas, and in a blink-and-you-will-miss-it moment, both Howdy’s and Dallas’ faces seemed to merge.


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This confirmed what some fans theorized about the storyline: Howdy is the split persona of Dallas. This came as soon as Dallas claimed to have set the Wyatt 6 free. There were other hints towards this as Dallas said, “I am the voice of The Reckoning,” to which Howdy replied, “I am the Reckoning.” 

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During the sit-down, it was also hinted at who could be their next victims.

Bo Dallas and Uncle Howdy subtly announced their next victims


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One line in the video saw Dallas saying, “Even now, there’s false prophets parading, belittling their family for their own gain.” Fans quickly took this as a hint of who Wyatt’s next target could be. This also gave reason for them targeting Chad Gable. Initially, it was the initials of CG that hinted at Gable being their first victim. The line about belittling their families sparked the rumor that Jey Uso, Roman Reigns, and Solo Sikoa could be Howdy’s next victims.

All the above-mentioned names went against their families. Jey stole Bray Wyatt’s fireflies. Even though he claimed to have returned it, he turned his back on The Bloodline. The same goes for Reigns and Sikoa. Even Gable has let his stable The Alpha Academy down as evidenced by his tussle with Otis and Maxxine Dupri. Only time will tell who the Wyatts will go after next. For now, Gable seems to be their main target. What did you think of the tape? Is it absolute cinema? Tell us in the comments.