Is Bo Dallas the secret weapon Bray Wyatt needs to dominate WWE again?

A fresh VHS of The Wyatt Sicks came to light on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw. Abby the Witch provided RAW commentator Michael Cole with another video of Bo Dallas and Uncle Howdy having yet another counseling session. Near the end of the clip, Dallas, much more firm in his tone, stated that he feels the need to punish “false prophets.”.

The ones who have abused their families, and that he feels compelled to do so. And then suddenly the video glitches, and Uncle Howdy disappears. But in a matter of seconds, he’s back, and the sinister character stays sitting, while this time it’s Bo Dallas who vanishes. This segment surely left many confused. Nevertheless, many subtle clues and hints for what’s next for the Wyatt Sick6 were on display.

However, according to the guys at the Busted Open Podcast, the WWE might’ve dropped a major clue that reveals the plans of the Wyatt Sick6. The plan saw its first step being achieved in the aforementioned segment featuring the former NXT champion. And all this might’ve gotten revealed with a simple jibe at Dallas featuring Bray Wyatt.


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In the latest edition of the Busted Open Podcast, Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray sat together to discuss the latest edition of the Red Brand. And how can you discuss RAW nowadays without talking about the Wyatt Sick6? The faction has been one of the biggest draws for the promotion ever since they started dropping QR codes and clues about their debut. And the recent VHS tapes created a lot of buzz on social media.

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Bully Ray decrypts Uncle Howdy’s plans

Being the ones equally intrigued by the tapes, the duo talked about what the plans were for the Wyatt Sick6. And veteran Bully Ray shared his thoughts on it. Revealing that he believes that Bo Dallas has become one with Uncle Howdy now. Losing his own true self. And Howdy’s jibe at Dallas, asking him if he is trying to get the rub off of the name, truly hit the mark in achieving the task. Bully said, “I took as, hey, Bo, maybe you’re and I don’t even want to call him Bo anymore because to me it’s Taylor Rotunda. Hey, Taylor…. are you trying to get the rub off of the name? Are you trying to get the rub off of Bray because Bray was a bigger star than you? Maybe it’s you who’s trying to do that. I don’t know.”

So that means the whole idea, for now, was to get rid of our beloved, carefree “Bo-lieve” Bo Dallas as he lets Uncle Howdy take over his body. Something very similar to a possession. And after the death of his brother, Bray Wyatt, Taylor Rotunda has lost all of his happiness to the darkness that grew inside of him. Thus, he is now embracing his evil side. Especially to carry on his late brother’s legacy and dominate the WWE as they have always desired. What do you think? Do you agree with Bully Ray? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.