Unearthed Photo Shows The Undertaker Getting His First Tattoo Ever With WWE Legend in His Corner

Published 07/02/2022, 12:30 PM EDT

When someone says The Undertaker, what instantly creeps into your mind would be his entrance with the stark black coat, black hat, and the iconic death knell. Mark Calaway made The Deadman character immortal by maintaining the kayfabe for nearly three decades.

However, one thing that makes The Undertaker complete for the new generation of fans is his tattoos. Taker explained about the tattoos on his body during his appearance on The Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin.


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Recently, a Twitter page 90s WWE shared the famous picture of The Undertaker getting inked his first-ever tattoo. With the picture, the page tweeted, “The Undertaker getting his first tattoo as Paul Bearer looks on 📸”.

Taker’s then-manager in WWE Paul Bearer was present in the room with him while getting inked for the first time. The Deadman had his first tattoo in Las Vegas and the world-famous tattoo artist Paul Booth made it.

While speaking to Austin on Broken Skull Sessions back in 2020 Taker, said, “It was no small tattoo. It took up my whole outside of my forearm.” That session went on for eight hours and smiling Paul (Booth), he was a grinder. He wiped hard and put it in deep.”


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Taker recalled his arm being swollen after the first session. He was working with The Ultimate Warrior at that time. During the match, Warrior grabbed Taker’s right arm even after being told not to.

Paul Booth on meeting The Undertaker for the first time 

Paul Booth is a 54-year world-famous tattoo artist who inked The Undertaker for the first time. A few years back in 2019, Booth appeared on Loudwire, where he shared the experience of meeting The Phenom for the first time.


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Booth said, “That was the first time, I believe, I met him. Very quiet guy, very in character. Quiet and big, menacing guy, he had to duck and turn sideways to walk into the hotel room. I remember that, ‘Holy c**p, that’s huge’.”

He also talked about Taker’s nature, saying, “The Undertaker’s a guy that really only speaks when he had something to say. As I remember it, you know? I mean we’ve had great conversations, very polite guy, very serious guy, but very friendly. You could see him being The Undertaker in real life, ‘Yeah, that’s The Undertaker.’ He still has that vibe, I mean it’s very genuine.”


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The Undertaker was one of the most mystical people in professional wrestling history. He rarely broke his character. Furthermore, very few people know how he is in real life when he is not into his character.



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