“Utter Scumbaggery”- Sheamus Is Furious With His Match on WWE Raw After Suffering a Broke Nose

Published 06/01/2021, 12:44 AM EDT

While injuries are a common occurence in wrestling, some can be more dangerous than others. This is the kind of injury Sheamus suffered on Monday Night Raw.


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On Monday Night Raw: May 31, 2021, Sheamus revealed that the open challenge was to find someone worthy of the title.

He battled Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo in non-title matches and lost both matches because of interference from the other, i.e., Carrillo interfered during his match against Ricochet and vice versa.


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Now, during his battle against Carrillo, Sheamus started bleeding profusely when Carrillo took a strict shot at his face. The Celtic Warrior was bleeding from his face, and his chest had become bloody too.

The commentators announced that Sheamus may have suffered a broken nose, but the official statement about his condition is yet to arrive.

While the WWE Universe waits for the official statement, Sheamus posted a picture of himself on social media showing the aftermath of non-title matches. He showed his slightly crooked nose from the middle, which had changed colour because of severe bruising.

He referred to the situation as “scumbaggery”, taking a shot at Carrillo for breaking his nose.

If his nose is broken, Sheamus will need to take time off from wrestling until it heals.

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Sheamus botched a move which injured Humberto Carrillo

The United States Champion had botched a move on Monday Night Raw prior to WrestleMania Backlash which resulted with Humberto Carrillo suffering excruciating pain.

The idea was that Carrillo would execute a sunset flip which would land both of them to the floor. Regrettably, it didn’t go as planned, and Sheamus landed with all his weight on Carrillo’s leg and pelvic.

Even as the cameras panned away, and WWE declared Sheamus the champion, the fans had caught on with what happened.


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Humberto Carrillo Suffers Nasty Leg Injury After a Botched Spot with Sheamus on WWE Raw

about 1 month ago

Humberto Carrillo recently returned at Monday Night Raw and WWE put him in a storyline with The United States Champion. The fact that he could take all of Sheamus’ weight shows the kind of wrestler he is. It’s possible the company is heating up to give Carrillo a major push.


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Do you think Humberto Carrillo has a chance to be The United States Champion? Let us know in the comments below.


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