VIDEO: Randy Orton Takes His Revenge by Stealing Matt Riddle’s Signature Move on WWE Raw

Published 06/01/2021, 12:40 AM EDT

There are a couple of things upcoming talents should keep in mind – respect the veteran wrestlers, and never steal their finishing moves. As it turns out, Matt Riddle got away with doing just that. In an ironic twist of fate, the ‘Original Bro’ wasn’t original at all on last week’s Raw. Riddle stole his RK-Bro tag team partner’s finisher, the RKO, to put Xavier Woods out of commission.


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Randy had a word with Riddle after the match. But instead of berating him, Randy offered Riddle to stay ringside and learn a thing or two from ‘The Viper‘ himself. Riddle could not be overjoyed and jumped on the offer.


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Randy Orton copied his partner

Last night’s RAW saw Orton pick up a crushing victory over Xavier Woods. But the win is not the talking point of the match; instead, how Orton won is the main attraction.

In the closing moments of the match, Orton stunned everybody when he proceeded to finish off Woods using Riddle’s finisher. See for yourself in the tweet below.

The most ecstatic person in the entire arena was ‘The Original Bro’ who shadowed Randy as he delivered the finisher.

We are truly witnessing a special bond between the two wrestlers that is taking over WWE. The chemistry and comic timing between them is flawless and the fans hope the duo stays together for long.

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Kurt enjoys the RK-BRO

On May 6, 2021, WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle, put out a tweet, praising the duo of Randy Orton and Matthew Riddle.

The tweet read, “Enjoying the storyline between Randy Orton and Matthew Riddle… reminds me of the time I annoyed Undertaker– great stuff! #itstrue“

Kurt attached the tweet with a combined picture of both the duos. The above half of the picture shows the Undertaker and Kurt Angle while the bottom half shows Randy and Matt.

Angle compared the current duo with the past and expressed that he is thoroughly enjoying their chemistry on screen.


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In the picture, ‘The Viper’ looks visibly annoyed by the ‘Original Bro’, similar to the Undertaker who looks visibly annoyed by Kurt Angle. Notably, Angle was trying to imitate the ‘American Badass’ gimmick that the great Mark William Calaway was performing at the time.


Kurt Angle Compares a Current WWE Storyline To His Famous Storyline With The Undertaker

about 1 month ago


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