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Vince McMahon Announces Huge News for the Fans

Vince McMahon Announces Huge News for the Fans

WWE’s live events screeched to a grinding halt due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Even though matches have resumed, audiences are yet to be allowed to watch the events live. Vince McMahon addresses this issue during the annual shareholder’s meeting.

Fans are desperately waiting for the time when they can watch their favorite Superstars live. Likewise, Superstars are awaiting that moment when they hear the audience cheering their names.

It’s a bitter situation from both ends. In fact, certain Superstars have said that the energy is quite low given that the fans are missing from the live events.

Vince McMahon addresses the return of live events

Now, Vince McMahon personally talks about the potential return of the audience to the live events.

The wrestling universe is such that audience interaction is what raises the passion and energy of the overall environment. Keeping all things in mind, the company is working with arenas and is trying to come up with tentative dates.

Vince McMahon

One of the reasons why Vince McMahon cannot rush into this is because WWE is a contact sport. Even though all Superstars are being tested before they enter the ring, one false-negative result can lead to a devastating outcome.

If the company goes on to add the audience in this equation, there will be no end to the spread of the virus. As a result, even with the probable tentative dates, there is still no fixed date.

However, McMahon is sure that the company will definitely capitalize on the new atmosphere.

“We’re working with arenas. We have any number of tentative dates. Those tentative dates keep moving back sometimes. But again with our form of entertainment, it’s imperative that we have fans to interact with. And we continue to look forward. Pinpointing exactly when we’re going to return, it’s a whole different atmosphere than has been in the past and we’ll capitalize on it.”

Source: Wrestlenomics

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